Annihilation, Jessica Jones, Voltron …: what to watch on Netflix in March 2018? – Tech

Annihilation, Jessica Jones, Voltron ...: what to watch on Netflix in March 2018? - Tech

From memory, never had a month been as charged on Netflix as that of March 2018. The explosion of the investments of the service is felt and this guide appears as vital (or almost).
        With Alex Garland's movie Annihilation in the lead, Netflix's March is full of promise. After Mute's disappointment, Garland's feature film, which Paramount abandoned at Netflix, aims to be a new arrival.
Latecomers can, as always, go watch the news of February, with some notes and tips from home. Also note that in March, there are also many titles that will leave the catalog Netflix: not to miss them, follow the guide.
SeriesThe Series
Jessica Jones, season 2 – March 8
While the contract with Marvel may come to an end, Netflix accelerates the pace of production of its franchises. The first to benefit from this momentum is Jessica Jones. Recall that many elements have already been unveiled since the start of production of the show, we knew, for example, that all episodes would be made by women.
Renewing with her feminist promise, Jessica Jones is not, however, in the first episodes we consulted, powerfully renewed. With season one over in the crash, season two begins in trouble.

After killing Killgrave, the young woman is regarded as a heroine, but mostly as a threat. Not benefiting from any state of grace, she tries to discover the origin of the powers that have been imposed on her. Unfortunately, this new plot is set in motion with the delicacy of an elephant.
Love, season 3 – March 9
Love is not only defenders: his tone and his freedom have not pleased everyone. The success also seems not to have been at the rendezvous, Netflix therefore throws in the towel with this third season. However, since its first episodes, it is one of the best comedies of the American giant that does not shine in this format.

Gus and Mickey, incarnation of a generation unfit for love, never stopped looking and planting themselves. Cruel and uncompromising, Judd Appatow's series was a worthy representative of Girls and other sentimental dramas that one looks with handkerchiefs never far from the screen.
The Disastrous Adventures of Baudelaire Orphans – March 30
The drama series for kids (and children) returns on March 30 on Netflix with its fanciful universe and tragedies. After a first uneven season and often touching the overdose, we bet that the Disastrous Adventures are gaining in hindsight and humor at the risk otherwise of letting go of a delicious Neil Harris grim.

The Mechanism, season 1 – March 23
The Mechanism, created by José Padilha (Narcos) is a new original production of Netflix in Brazil. It is about real facts: the most important money laundering implemented in South America.

After Ozark, who was also interested in money laundering, or the seductive McMafia, The Mechanism relaunches a thriller in the tracks of combinations to launder money. Here the characters, investigators, will be challenged to understand the operation behind the Petrobras scandal that destabilized the entire Brazilian political class less than five years ago.
The subject, still burning while the camp of the former president Lula could be represented in Brazil will be romanticized for the comfort of the thriller, but also for obvious legal reasons.
Collateral, mini-series – March 9
In four episodes, Collateral (BBC co-production and Netflix) propels Carey Mulligan into a young detective. The young woman who is assigned to a simple murder of a pizza delivery man is at the heart of a conspiracy.

In summary, one might fear boredom, but piloted by David Hare, English playwright essential, Collateral has more to say than a simple thriller. Guardian's Lucy Mangan summarizes: "David Hare's modern drama begins as an episode of Law & Order but turns out to be an enlightened meditation on contemporary England. "
21 Thunder – March 1st
CBC Canadian Series, 21 Thunder was defeated at home with more than 300,000 viewers. Difficult to predict this series on football another future in the rest of the world. The soaps on grass never really passionate and it is not the Mexican Club de Cuervos that will make us lie.

Ghost Wars, season 1 – March 2
After Continuum (Showtime) and a collaboration on Van Helsing, Simon Barry returns to serial creation with Ghost Wars for American SyFy. Behind this title that gives us little desire, we find a classic format for SyFy: very small budget, but strong concept.

Where fashion cable channels is to make dripping and seductive monsters, werewolves, wizards, etc., SyFy bet on a terrifying world, never stingy in jump scare. Undetected in the US, Ghost Wars retakes its chance in the rest of the world with Netflix.
Santa Clarita Diet, season 2 – March 23
After a smashing first season, the strange comedy about zombies – always them – of Netflix comes back. The opportunity to take some of the temperature of this series concept neither very bad nor very interesting, only funny.

Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instrument, season 3 – March 21
Freeform's bottom-of-the-line teen show, broadcast by Netflix, is back for a new season in 2018 after two bad seasons. The hearings were however very weak on the chain of Disney, but it is necessary to believe that we have not yet had our dose of wizards, vampires, werewolves, angels, etc., etc., etc. The overdose is so close …
FilmThe Movies
Annihilation – March 12
After Ex Machina in 2014, Alex Garland, novelist and screenwriter, returns to directing on Annihilation. Supported by Paramount, Annihilation is an author project that has still cost more than $ 55 million. He offers himself to casting Nathalie Portman. For Paramount, Garland's feature film was to be the new Premier Contact, sci-fi, but intellectual. However, in the last months of the project, as paralyzed, the firm did not bring his project into theaters. It is Netflix who recovered this Annihilation which had nevertheless a card to play.

In addition, unlike the last Cloverfield we quickly understood why he had been abandoned by his studio, Annhilation already has an enthusiastic criticism. Leah Greenblatt, in Entertainment Weekly, enthuses: "A generous, superbly disconcerting visual treat that envelops legitimate jump scares and a true metaphysical force. "
The Hungry – March 2
Distinguished by the jury of the Gerardmer festival, Les Affamés du Quebecois Robin Aubert will be broadcast in France by Netflix. Francophone and low budget, the hungry holds its breath by its audacity, irreverence and taste of the schoolboy.

A film that Vincent Ostria said in Les Inrocks from the city of the north-east: [Dans Les Affamés] "there was a real sense of picaresque and humor that boldly palliated the absence of a real dramatic progression".
Roxanne, Roxanne – March 23
With Roxanne, Roxanne, it is the last feature films of the Sundance 2017 that arrive on our screens. Biopic on a ferocious and crazy MC, the feature film returns to the life of Roxanne Shanté, hip-hop figure in her debut in Queens. Beyond Mahershala Ali, there are, according to the Hollywood Reporter, other reasons to watch this feature film: "A musical biopic with a lot of class and style that will make fans of a fallen hip-hop nostalgic," .

Game Over, Man! – March 23
Adam DeVine would he be the new Adam Sandler of Netflix? After inflicting the appalling when we first put it last month, Netflix recurs with a project produced by DeVine and in which it obviously appears. Resurrecting the trio of Workaholics, DeVine and his band speak video game and hostage (we are not talking about the viewer).

The Outsider – March 9
In an American-Japanese project by Martin Zandvliet (The Forgotten), Jared Leto plays the role of an American soldier imprisoned in Japan who, once the war ends, will enlist in the yakuza.

If the film ends its race on Netflix, it is mainly because the project was chaotic during its production: at the beginning, the Warner chooses the Danish Daniel Espinosa to realize it with firstly Fassbender. But these two will leave the project. They are replaced by Tom Hardy and Japanese filmmaker Takashi Miike … who will also leave the ship soon after.
In the end, Leto and Zandvliet inherit a project that no one wanted and Netflix has, as often, saved profitability.
Layla M. – March 23
Much more promising, Layla M. is a feature film by Dutch director Mijke de Jong. Selected by her country of origin to represent the Netherlands at the Oscars, the film tells the story of a young Islamist woman who lets herself be invaded by disillusionment. Firstly radicalized by the anti-Islam political measures taken by the Netherlands, the heroine is seduced by jihadist ideologues. She will marry a young man ready to fight, but her trip to the Levant will disrupt the fiction she has created.

Appreciated at home as TIFF, Layla M. convinced by his courage to seize a very sensitive topic on the Old Continent while telling a feminist tale and human height. From Jordan to the Netherlands, Layla takes a revealing look at her (our) world.
DocumentaryThe documentaries
Ladies First – March 8
In rural India, Deepika Kumari leaves her home and family when she is barely twelve years old. The young girl defies her company to pursue her vocation: archery. In this documentary, we return to the four years between his departure and his first Olympic medal in Rio de Janeiro.

Rapture, season 1 – March 30
Rapture is a Netflix production that aims to satisfy the insatiable hip-hop fans. The latter, approaching quarantine, seem to have formed an army of viewers in demand for ever more documentary series. This is already the second that Netflix broadcasts in France.

Trump: An American Dream, season 1 – March 30
Any documentary on a US personality could be titled An American Dream. Yet, if we believe the Telegraph, this documentary series broadcast in Britain by Channel 4 would be "a return well done on an unusual climb".
CC Flickr Matt JohnsonWe find different faces of Trump over decades, megalomania always pegged to the body, but sometimes more shy, often less grotesque than today. And there, over the course of his metamorphoses, including linguistic, we better understand the title of the documentary: what is American in his dream is his way to embrace the worst of his society.
Flint Town, season 1 – March 2
In 2016, the world discovered Flint. The devastated city of a deindustrialized Michigan crystallized the attention of the media when the water flowing from the taps of the village was simply undrinkable and toxic. The great American poverty, with its air of great depression, had made an appointment in this northern city to which Sufjan Stevens dedicated a song Flint (for the unemployed and precarious) in 2003.

As the water crisis erupts, documentary filmmakers at Flint Town decide to spend their days with the police. With this bias, a voyeuristic nothing, they expose the reverse of a city in crisis. Showing, in crime, molasses and poverty, a hard truth.
For kidsFor kids
Trolls: Music on the Move!, Season 2 – March 9
They sing, they dance and live in perpetual happiness: the imaginary creatures of the Trolls, a Dreamworks franchise inspired by the toys of our childhood, come back.

Voltron, season 5 – March 2
Do not lie anymore: Voltron, which we classify in the section for children, is one of our cute sins. If the plot weakens as the seasons, while the characters have already largely unveiled, the return of the dog-dog space still enthusiastic.






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