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Amazon will release from March four exciting new series: The Looming Tower, The Dangerous Book for Boys, The Remix and The Terror. The second season of Sneaky Pete will also be available to members starting March 9th. Amazon Prime Video members from more than 200 countries and territories will soon be able to watch these series on
We admit it, here we are more Netflix, but we never know if these new series will not make us change our tune! Your turn to judge.
Title: The Looming Tower – Release Date: March 9
Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning eponymous book, The Looming Tower describes the growing threat posed by Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda in the late 1990s and how the CIA-FBI rivalry at the time could unintentionally open the way to the tragedy of 9/11. The series follows several agents of Team I-49 in New York and the Bin Laden Unit in Washington, the respective anti-terrorist services of the FBI and the CIA, as they roam the world and land on the property of their information, while appearing to work for the same purpose: to prevent an imminent attack on American soil.
The executive production of The Looming Tower is provided by Daniel Futterman (showrunner), Alex Gibney, Lawrence Wright, Craig Zisk and Adam Rapp. The Looming Tower is a Legendary Television production for Amazon Prime Video outside the United States.
The casting of The Looming Tower includes Jeff Daniels (John O'Neill), Tahar Rahim (Ali Soufan), Wrenn Schmidt (Diane Marsh), Bill Camp (Robert Chesney), Louis Cancelmi (Vince Stuart), Virginia Kull (Kathy Shaughnessy), Ella Rae Peck (Heather), Sullivan Jones (Floyd Bennet), as well as Michael Stuhlbarg (Richard Clarke) and Peter Sarsgaard (Martin Schmidt).
Title: Sneaky Pete, season 2 – Release date: March 9
As he is about to start a new life, Marius is forced to take on the role of Pete Murphy again when two thugs, taking him for Pete, threaten to kill the Bernhard family if he does not help them. find Pete's mother, Maggie, and the millions she stole from their mysterious employer. More than ever on the edge of the razor, Marius must find the elusive Maggie, protect the family, still in mourning and the shock of trade the previous week, and continue to pose as Pete, while finding a way to Sow thugs and keep the money for him.
Sneaky Pete's casting includes Giovanni Ribisi as Marius / Pete, Marin Ireland as Julia Bowman, Shane McRae as Taylor Bowman, Libe Barer as Carly Bowman, Michael Drayer in the role of Eddie Josipovic, Peter Gerety as Otto Bernhardt and Margo Martindale as Audrey Bernhardt. The series was created by Bryan Cranston and David Shore, and executive production is provided by Graham Yost, Bryan Cranston, James Degus, Michael Dinner, Fred Golan and Seth Gordon.
Title: The Terror, season 1 – Release date: March 26 (US broadcast + 24h)
The Terror is an anthology series based on a true story that inspired the hit novel, Hyperion, by acclaimed author Dan Simmons. Set in 1847, the story focuses on the perilous expedition of the British Royal Navy through uncharted territory, where the crew tries to discover the Northern Passage. Faced with dangerous conditions, limited resources diminishing hope, and fear of the unknown, the crew is pushed to the brink of extinction. Frozen, isolated and stuck at the end of the world, The Terror shows all that can go wrong when a group of men, desperate for survival, fight not only against the elements, but also with each other.
Ciaran Hinds (Bleed for This, Game of Thrones) playing Captain John Franklin, Tobias Menzies (Game of Thrones, Outlander) and Jared Harris (The Crown, Mad Men) are the stars of the series. Recognized producers such as Ridley Scott (Blade Runner 2049), David W. Zucker (The Man in the High Castle) and Guymon Cassady (Game of Thrones) are in executive production.
Title: The Dangerous Book for Boys – Release date: March 30, 6 episodes of a coup
With executive production Bryan Cranston (Malcolm), already an Emmy Award winner, Greg Mottola (SuperGrave), James Degus (Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams) and Michael Glouberman (2 Broke Girls), The Dangerous Book for Boys is a series family inspired by the eponymous work of Conn and Hal Iggulden. This is an Amazon Studios production with Sony Pictures Television and Moonshot Entertainment, created by Bryan Cranston and Greg Mottola, also screenwriters of the first two episodes, which are directed by Greg Mottola.
The series tells the story of the McKenna family, bereaved by the sudden death of Patrick (Chris Diamantopoulos, Good Girls Revolt), patriarch and inventor a little crazy who deeply affected all those around him. His passing leaves his family in shock, but hope is reborn as a book entitled The Dangerous Book for Boys, designed by Patrick to guide his three sons. The book is a practical guide for children that makes the youngest son, Wyatt (Gabriel Bateman, Lights Out), dream. In his imaginary world, Wyatt finds his father and acquires practical skills that help him navigate the real world. The cast also includes Erinn Hayes (Kevin Can Wait), Drew Logan Powell (Rockaway), Kyan Zielinski (The Lunchbox Brigade), and Swoosie Kurtz (Mike & Molly) and Luke Matheny (Gorbson Gibbon's Life on Normal Street) as "guest stars".
Title: The Remix, season 1 – Release date: March 9 – 10 episodes in total, 2 episodes at launch, and one episode per week
The Remix, the first unscripted Indian program Amazon Prime Video will blow a breath of fresh air on Indian music! As part of this tele-hook, DJ and singers remix songs in pairs, revisiting in their own way great Bollywood hits. The program has 10 teams that will give everything to offer exceptional performances and impress the jury composed of three personalities: Sunidhi Chauhan, Amit Trivedi and Nucleya. The program is moderated by Karan Tacker
The original Amazon Prime program, The Remix is ​​created and produced by Greymatter Entertainment and will be released from March 9, 2018, exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

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