According to an analyst, the life of an Apple device would be four years


Some of our electronics are now very expensive. It is not always easy to replace them every year. This is particularly true with Apple products, where the iPhone X, for example, costs at least € 1,159. But in terms of shelf life, how much margin do customers have for the apple brand?
It will be clear, to begin with, that the life of any device depends on the user and the use he makes of it. According to analyst Asymco Horace Dediu and figures published in recent years, the average life of an Apple device would be about four years.
His calculations are based on Apple's quarterly figures for the number of units sold. The number of active devices is also taken into account – 1.3 billion, recently -. According to Horace Dediu, knowing the number of active devices and the number of devices sold, it is possible to estimate the average life of a device.
Interestingly, it seems that this average life of Apple products increases every quarter, suggesting that customers keep their devices longer than before … Is this your case?

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