700 series for 2018!

Binge Watching

Netflix is ​​not stingy when we talk about series. The site is so successful that the teams plan to work hard to please subscribers (and reap the financial benefits, no need to be diviner to think about it). When you are told that leaders do not do things in half, it is the case to say, since they intend to launch 700 series for 2018. 2018 will be the year of binge watching * or will not be!
* Binge watching: binge-watching, binge-viewing, rush-hour or marathon-viewing, (also known as the General Terminology and Neology Commission) also referred to as TV gavage or burst-viewing, burst-viewing, listening in Burst in French is the practice of watching TV or any other screen for longer periods of time than usual, usually viewing the episodes of the same series – Wiki.
With the launch of Disney's streaming service in 2019 and with major brands like Marvel and Star Wars, as well as the acquisition of Fox by Disney, there is no doubt that this will worry existing streaming services such as Netflix. The war is declared after all!

Netflix Chief Financial Officer David Wells confirmed that the company would invest more than $ 8 billion in original content this year, including movies and series. As to where he will get his treasures … he says, "We want the best content. We do not have to do it ourselves. People do not care where the stories come from. " Not everyone will agree … It's according to.
For comparison, YouTube plans to invest a few hundred million in own content, which is a stark contrast. It remains to be seen whether the Netflix strategy will pay off and, above all, whether the programs will be qualitative enough … If you are looking to become an actor, at least, there should be work in the field for the coming years … "To be or not to be, that is the question! "

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