will you crack and finally give you Neo's phone?

Matrix Nokia HMD 8110

Matrix: will you crack and finally offer you Neo's phone? Improved, moreover! Indeed, we are in the heart of the MWC 2018 and – the fault of leaks and leaks – we had few real surprises. Thanks to HMD for publishing, via the name of Nokia – the phone transmitted to Neo in the famous Matrix.
Under the name of the Nokia 8810, it is neither more nor less than the device that Neo steals to escape from his office, helped by Morpheus, in the famous film of the Wachowski family. Banana shape, flapper, everything is there! Enough to seduce fans of the first opus of 1999 (need not address the other two …). It's in the old pots that we make the best soups, after all.
This being the toy is improved, without however its bowels break bricks, more future phone than smartphone, "HMD did not deny the shape but made sure that the keys are closer to the body of the phone, it has in addition to a color screen. If it's not a smartphone itself, it will offer 4G connectivity and host apps like Google Maps, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and yes, Snake. "

Obviously, the effect is not the same with a pretty yellow banana, whatever, all tastes are in nature … With a Qualcomm 205 Mobile Platform processor coupled with … 512 MB of RAM. The Nokia 8110 will be launched next May and will be priced at € 79.
Will you succumb to this gadget?

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