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Cold sweats for some, apathy for others, no matter where we are, it's time to disconnect from Facebook. There are world days for everything (really) and February 28th aims to make us let go of this network that makes addict two billion users!
As far as you can tell, we did not play good students, not out of bad will, just forgetfulness (you speak!). Anyway there is still time to "do well"! To disconnect, nothing more simple, just click on the gear in the upper right and dare to press the "disconnect" button.
On the other hand, let's say that in a few years of existence, the World Day Without Facebook has not really made a lot of followers. The goal is not insane, however, it is to fight against addiction to cyber addiction and to protest against the intrusion of ads.
We inform you, but on our side, we will quote only this adage 'Do what I say, not what I do'.

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