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Do you remember Theme Hospital? His spiritual continuation is in preparation - Pop culture

            Maxime Claudel –
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                    The developers hiding behind Two Point Hospital may refute the idea of ​​a simple remake of Theme Hospital, the first gameplay video proves otherwise.
        "We do not see it just as a spiritual continuation of Theme Hospital": when Two Point Hospital was formalized, Mark Webley was trying to make us believe that his new game was more than a rehash of his former success. This is not what shows the first video game commented by him, with Ben Huskins. In eight minutes, we have plenty of time to realize that Two Point Hospital is less like a cool experience than a remake, certainly pretty, of the cult title of Bulfrog. Indeed, the similarities are immense and obvious.

That Two Point Hospital recovers the basics of Theme Hospital, this seems obvious. After all, we will always be asked to run a hospital with the prism of humor. But there, it is necessary to recognize that it is more or less the same games: one installs a reception station, then a room of diagnosis, then a pharmacy, then one hires staff etc. The dressing has been revised to meet the standards of today, both in terms of graphics and the interface. We will just note the possibility of creating parts other than rectangular, which will allow even greater architectural follies.
Mimicry can be found in the manner in which the rooms are born (the blue pattern, the door, the windows, the essential furniture and then the accessories) and the mug of the characters (the surface technicians are always old dressed in brown) . And, of course, we are always entitled to stupid diseases that make us smile.
In itself, it does not matter since many players will want a simple remake and also because the gameplay is still cool (and more demanding than suggested by the light tone). But you just have to assume it.



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