The news of yesterday – iPhone 2018, Peugeot 508 with Focal, magnet Toyota

The news of yesterday - Apple confirms the slowdown of the iPhone, Netflix


        Bitcoin theft and diversion at Spotify

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        28/02/18 at 16h00


                    Find the essence of the high-tech news that marked Tuesday, February 27, 2018.

        Until now, we have left out most of the rumors about the future iPhone prepared by Apple in Cupertino for the end of the year. Nevertheless, some information is starting to become persistent and echoing among those who are generally well informed. Let's do a check in. Read the rest of the article



                            Apple iPhone X


                        $ 935.99
                        Amazon Marketplace
                        € 970.00
                        Top Buy
                        € 1073.40
                        € 1099.00
                        $ 1099.99
                        € 1129.90
                        Shopping street
                        $ 1149.00
                        1159,00 €
                        1159,00 €
                        1159,00 €
                        1159,00 €
                        1159,00 €
                        1159,95 €
                        1189,00 €
                        $ 1369.76
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        Focal extends its partnership with Peugeot. After the concept cars and the SUV 3008, 4008 and 5008, the two manufacturers sign yet another collaboration around the new Peugeot 508. Read more

        The family of Dave Kleiman, former partner of Craig Wright, complains and estimates that their loved one was stolen the equivalent of $ 5 billion in bitcoins, in addition to intellectual property concerning the blockchain. Read the rest of the article

        This is a scam that has cost dear to Spotify. A Bulgarian musician has deceived the algorithms that count plays for the calculation of royalties using more than a thousand fake user accounts. Read the rest of the article

        Toyota engineers have found a solution to reduce the use of neodymium, a rare earth metal, by 50%. What prepare the growth of sales of electric cars.
 Read the rest of the article

        After the evolution of the Alpha 7R Mark III version, here comes the third iteration of the A7, which opens the Alpha range at Sony. The hybrid 24 x 36 mm sensor is inspired by the look of the A7R III and adopts its ergonomics. It also has a powerful technical sheet, based on a new sensor and dotted with technical features taken from the A9 racehorse. Read the rest of the article




        Google Cloud Platform has replaced Windows Azure in the list of online storage services that Apple uses to store iCloud data. Amazon Web Services remains nevertheless one of the partners of the Cupertino company. Read the rest of the article

        Announced upstream of the MWC 2018, the first Archos all-in-one PC should be released soon. We were able to discover it.Read more







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