the new (enhanced) cards are there, Free Mobile plays the absent ones

After a first delivery in September, Arcep publishes new detailed coverage maps of metropolitan France. The telecom authority greatly improves the consistency of the data provided by the operators, although many problems remain, in the first place the lack of information for Free Mobile. The telecoms regulator, Arcep, has just published new information. mobile coverage cards, dated January 1st. Provided in open data, they are supposed to show the availability of 2G, 3G and 4G everywhere in France. They must also open the door for crossings with other data, such as population.
We received this data in the morning, which allowed us to draw first conclusions on their treatment. In mid-September, the first batch suffered many plasters. We had nevertheless drawn many statistics (see our analysis). With this second metropolitan delivery, the telecoms regulator has tried to correct the situation, with more or less happiness.
For the record, Arcep publishes detailed coverage maps for 2G. They range from limited coverage (outdoor only) to very good coverage (indoor). The data is simulated by the operators from the location of the emission of their antennas, with a precision greater than 95% according to the regulator. For 3G and 4G, coverage is not yet detailed, lack of reference quality for the mobile Internet. She is expected by the end of the year.
On February 9th, the regulator promised us an updated map publication for this month. He publishes his data to the limit, with a notable absentee: Free Mobile.
Free Mobile did not provide his cards on time

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