the foldable smartphone will not be gadget

the foldable smartphone will not be gadget


        And it's DJ Koh who says it

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        28/02/18 at 15:02
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                    The head of the mobile division of Samsung does not reveal when will come out the future collapsible smartphone of the brand, but promises already that its specificities will be useful to the user experience.

DJ Koh, boss of the Samsung Mobile division.

The journalists from Cnet's American editorial team were able to talk with DJ Koh, head of Samsung's mobile division, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. While the attention of all the media is on the freshly announced Galaxy S9 and S9 +, the leader looks, him, to the future, and does not avoid questions about the future terminals of the brand.

He said that Samsung's R & D teams are making significant progress on the design of the future long-promised foldable smartphone, rumored to be "Galaxy X". For DJ Koh, the key is to give a real reason to be this phone, which should not be a mere technological demonstration gadget functionality. "I have to make sure that we offer the best possible user experience when we launch a new product category," he said, refusing to approach the launch window of the phone. When asked the question, he replied with a smile, "Sometimes I can not hear the questions, my audition is not very good" .This product should really be important for Samsung, the South-East giant. Korean standing to stand out continuously from the competition in terms of design. It has yet to present Galaxy S9 that look like the Galaxy S8 marketed last year. Nobody knows to this day whether the public would really be receptive to the idea of ​​having in hand (and pocket) a foldable screen smartphone, but this could actually allow Samsung to demonstrate its technical know-how. Still, it will be necessary that the features imagined around this new type of screens actually bring something more than a simple effect of style.




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