The end of net neutrality is approaching for Americans but resistance continues – Politics

The end of net neutrality is approaching for Americans but resistance continues - Politics

The telecom regulator has begun to publish in the Official Journal documents that will allow operators to get out of the net neutrality framework. The unraveling of these rules will begin on April 23, but resistance continues across the Atlantic.
        April 23, 2018. So this is the date from which US Internet service providers can begin to get out of the framework of net neutrality that was established in 2015 by the Obama administration. The telecom regulator in the United States has indeed published in the Official Journal its revocation order, which will materialize the anti-net neutrality vote in mid-December.
However, as noted by The Verge, certain provisions of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules will only be applied at a later date, for procedural reasons. It will then be necessary for the telecom policeman to make a second publication in the US Official Journal so that the operators have totally free hands.
Ajit Pai, the president of the FCC, notorious opponent of net neutrality.CC Lance CheungBut everything is not played yet.
Various initiatives have been launched since the vote of the FCC in December to try to counteract the unraveling of net neutrality provisions, which prohibit operators from practicing any discrimination on the networks, except in very specific cases (apply a judicial decision or administrative, parry a cyberattack or manage extreme traffic congestion).
From the net giants to certain American elected officials, to the attorneys general of 22 states and some governors, not to mention the European parliamentarians, the actions are multiplying, at all levels: legislative, judicial and even executive, with federal states that attempt to apply their own local framework for net neutrality – which is however legally uncertain.
The publication of the revocation order in the US Official Journal has allowed the attorneys general to restart their legal action against the FCC decision, says Reuters. They had already started their action during the month of January, but it was finally decided to wait for the actual publication of this document to attack, so as not to be opposed any form of defect.
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