the Cnil puts in residence the Health Insurance

the Cnil puts in residence the Health Insurance


        Three months to comply

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        02/28/18 at 12:13 pm


                    While the CNIL has – fortunately – not detected any major flaw by auditing the data storage systems used by the Health Insurance, it points nevertheless a number of shortcomings and risks that will have to be corrected.

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The National Health Insurance Fund (CNAM) has to manage a huge amount of data related to its insureds and their medical acts. Data that is not sufficiently secure in the eyes of the CNIL, which has observed many shortcomings in the processing of the SNIIRAM (National Interregime Information System of Health Insurance). This database gathers reimbursement information from around 100 credit unions which it makes available – anonymously – to numerous state agencies, agencies, associations and other institutes.

A risk of identifying patients
The Cnil points particularly dysfunctions or risks in terms of data backup, their anonymization or access and extraction procedures. For example, it would be possible to find the identity of patients by crossing certain data. As a result, Cnil has given notice to the Health Insurance and leaves it three months to comply with the regulations in force. However, the National Commission for Information Technology and Freedom wishes to point out that it has not detected any major flaws in the system and the central database. The Health Insurance said take note of this procedure and the problematic points raised by CNIL, indicating that measures of strengthening the system have already been made following the implementation of the law of 26 January 2016 providing for greater openness health data. The organization said that these measures include the anonymization of data, which will benefit from new algorithms strengthened. However, additional actions will have to be taken to meet the demands of the CNIL, "what will be done", promises CNAM.It is indeed urgent, because the Health Insurance must set up this year the DMP (Personal Medical File) , a digital file that must be made available to patients and carers in a secure way online. And while Agnes Buzyn, Minister of Solidarity and Health and invited France Inter on February 14 to discuss the measles epidemic, announced that an "electronic health book accessible to all on the Internet will be put in place in 2018 ". A system whose implementation will be scrutinized by the Cnil.




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