Test of Metal Gear Survive: A Correct Video Game That Should not Have Had That Name – Pop Culture

Test of Metal Gear Survive: A Correct Video Game That Should not Have Had That Name - Pop Culture

Condemned as soon as it was announced, Metal Gear Survive finally turns out to be an acceptable game that pays the heavy price of its legacy. In short, he would be better perceived by calling himself otherwise.
        For a long time, the Metal Gear franchise, and more specifically the Solid chapter, has lived according to the delusions of his father, Hideo Kojima, whom we love to hate or adulate, if not a little of both. We will not repeat the story of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, concluded on a mess related to the divorce between the Japanese genius and the publisher Konami for reasons still very mysterious.
Still, Hideo Kojima did not bring his beloved license with him, leaving the company to capitalize on it without him, to live on his legacy. That's why, as soon as it was announced, fans shot Metal Gear Survive with red bullets, claiming that Metal Gear can not survive the post-Kojima. The reality may not be so distant: Metal Gear Survive would be much better – accepted – by calling itself otherwise. But it is not a bad game so far.

Am I the only one who saw "KoJima Productions FOREVER?" Using the first letter of the highlighted code names? @HEITAIs #MetalGearSurvive #MGSurvive pic.twitter.com/NrYGVmwm8J
– Michael Yurko (@NourishedPsyche) February 24, 2018

HistoryHeritage b (i) easy
The filiation between Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Survive is even in the initials, since they merge (MGS). Beyond appearances, the substance is roughly the same: Survive takes many elements of the Solid, such a legacy on which he is not afraid to rest to provide a solid experience. He goes so far as to disguise the context of Metal Gear Solid V to invent a parallel dimension populated by supernatural creatures.
The scenario, a finger of honor drawn up in front of Kojima's work
This is good big series Z, very mown, poorly written and old springs like the world. It is an excuse to give birth to a (real) survival game whose starting point is the creation of an avatar who will undergo incredible events. In terms of storyline and narration, Metal Gear Survive is hard to see. Especially in comparison with the huge saga to which he strives to belong. Some, the most extremist, will go so far as to invoke a finger of honor drawn up in front of Kojima's work. It will be difficult to give them wrong.
But Metal Gear Survive remains a video game – understand entertaining – and behind the story WTF hides an honest survival experience, based on mechanics pushed enough not to cry foul. Specifically, you are swayed in a hostile environment consisting of two cards (a kind of desert and a forest), in which it is stupid to fulfill objectives given by an artificial intelligence. The tasks quickly become repetitive, but the challenge is there: indeed, we must think, including food and drink, thirst and hunger respectively governing the bars of endurance and life. You should also remember to prepare well before leaving on a mission, knowing that nothing and no one will let you a single ammunition for your arsenal.

GameplayThe total survival
Hunting, cooking, making, collecting resources (there are tons), heal, repair, sustenance, manage its base (including human resources) … This is the daily life of Metal Gear Survive, which foreshadows an amazing complexity for a spin-off sold cheaper than the original games. Konami even went so far as to push the concept a little further by thinking of areas covered with a harmful haze. Within them, oxygen is added to the data to be monitored, each action requires more endurance, visibility is reduced. In short, the danger is even greater. Alas, these elements that must be constantly thought – the more thirst is felt, the more the sight is blurred until death ensues – do not make the fighting and the rest less foolish.
In terms of handling, Metal Gear Survive draws logically in the past and it plays almost like a MGS. The parallel with Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is quickly screaming, especially from the moment the action takes place in the forest. It lacks camouflage to blend in with the scenery, but there is the rest, including food that expires to the point of sick. The one with Metal Gear Solid V refers to the management of the HQ, which sometimes has to be protected against waves of enemies and can be customized. In the same way as the hero elsewhere (equipment, weapons, gadgets, skills to unlock, statistics to improve).

In briefThe attractiveness of opportunism
Despite its undeniable qualities, Metal Gear Survive appears still very rude in the wake of this staging wanting to do as before, but without the soul of the creator. Sometimes awkward too, when the developers wait for the second card to open the bestiary while it would have been wiser to start well before breaking a little routine. Very stupid finally reading the behavior of monsters and some difficulty peaks not really justifiable. Point of view graphism, we will retain a relatively clean rendering despite some concerns related to the management of HDR when the light is invited into the mist. Indulgent fans will easily recognize the sound effects of the franchise.
Metal Gear Survive offers the opportunity to play four in cooperative with the same character as the single player mode. Do not expect a miracle: it is neither more nor less than sessions in which it is simply necessary to repel waves of attackers more and more costal. You can just mention the common chest to share useful objects or the final ranking that rewards the best. Not sure you want to extend the pleasure beyond discovery.
We end with a red card against the greed of Konami, who, at a time when microtransactions are condemned and questioned, adds to the shovel. Special mention to the one that is required to create a second character. It had not been seen that much, but it certainly won the palm of evil indulgence.
Metal Gear Survive is available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC for € 28.90.

                        In short
                        Metal Gear Survive
                    Indicative rating: 3/5
                        Behind the weight of a name that means a lot, sometimes even in the exaggeration that immunizes and blind, Metal Gear Survive can hardly make his production label that disguises opportunistically the legacy of a genius left elsewhere. It is far from being false, but it is not a reason not to recognize its gaming qualities and to condemn it by its simple name.
Despite its many awkwardnesses and lack of soul, Metal Gear Survive remains an honest proposal of survival experience, recycling some mechanics of his heritage and incorporating several elements to be sufficiently complex. Neither good nor bad, just nice in many respects. The peculiar pleasures.
                        Well thought-out survival mechanics
                                                                Content for the price
                                                                Playable everything you need
                        Narrative and ludicrous scenario
                                                                Sometimes rude and broke




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