reasons for dropping a cryptocurrency miner

The utility of copying files, maintained for nearly ten years, has abandoned cryptocurrency minting tried between 2013 and 2014. It is nevertheless the most important remuneration received by the tool. , which also sells an Ultimate version. Interview with its developer, Herman Brule, who comes back with us on the financing of software.Ultracopier is one of these classic open source utilities, which replaces the window of file copy on Windows and Linux, bringing with it a lot of improvements . A few days ago, version 1.4 is released (licensed GPLv3). On the menu: major rewrite of code, unification of 32 and 64 bit versions and switch to a paid support.
However, this version retains an option "Give GPU time to finance development", unchecked by default, pointing to the integration of a cryptocurrency mining tool. What to worry some users.
"The option was actually there, but it had no code behind it, so it did not match anything. I have removed this checkbox in version, which I will publish shortly "says its developer, Herman Brule, known as" alpha_one_x86 ".
A cryptocurrency miner for a few weeks

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