paid apps ejected on April 1

paid apps ejected on April 1


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        28/02/18 at 16h46


                    Paid application developers for the BB10 system, available on the BlackBerry World platform, have until March 31 to make them free, otherwise they will disappear.

BlackBerry Limited, the company that manages the BlackBerry brand licensing, contacted the paid app developers on the BlackBerry World store to inform them that as of April 1, the platform would no longer allow than free applications. "All transaction mechanisms will be disabled," warns this message that did not take long to find on Twitter.Il confirms that the marketplace will become a store of applications "only free". All paid apps will simply be ejected from BlackBerry World. This will not be the case, however, for those integrating micro-transaction monetization systems, managed directly by developers.

BlackBerry Limited specifies that all paid apps purchased before that date will continue to work on their customers' phones. However, the company invites paid app publishers to make them free by March 31, to prevent them from being removed from the store. Unhappy customers will have until April 30 to request the reimbursement of paid content that does not suit them, even if it turns out to have been removed from BlackBerry World. As a reminder, the BlackBerry phones were switched to the Android operating system in 2015 (with models such as KEYone or Motion) and the BlackBerry Leap is the last terminal released to run under the BlackBerry 10 OS owner. Lastly, BlackBerry had promised that two years of support would still be provided for this terminal, and that the BlackBerry World would definitively close its doors on December 31, 2019. These new announcements concerning the BlackBerry application store thus quietly prepare this disastrous design.




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