NVIDIA releases its 391.01 WHQL drivers for Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition

The Jon Peddie Research Institute has posted its fourth quarter 2017 balance sheet for graphic chips. Shipments are down 1.5% from the previous quarter and 4.8% year-on-year.
Intel is still leading the way with 67.4% market share, down 0.4 point over three months and 0.7 point over one year. NVIDIA is second at 18.4%, 0.9 points lower over three months and 0.9 points higher over one year.
For its part, AMD recovers the remains, or 14.2% of market share. This is 1.2 points better than the third quarter (8% increase), but only 0.2 points better than Q4 2017.
The institute adds that according to its figures "more than three million expansion cards (AIB) were sold to minors for a value of 776 million dollars in 2017. AMD was the main beneficiary of these sales." It nevertheless provides for a decrease in requests from minors for the coming months.

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