How to make a sword with a dollar bill or 500 euros?

dollar sword

Let's leave for a few moments the MWC 2018 that is taking place right now in Barcelona! And linger on origamis, is it possible to create a mini samurai sword with a single dollar bill (as such in the .gif that follows), without even spoiling it.
It is certainly possible to arrive at a similar result with a ticket of 500 euros (the second largest of the "range"), however the proportions are not quite the same (and it would be a shame to burn thus 500E) .
Indeed, the folds are precise and the capital proportions, a dollar bill will have a size of 15,5cm * 6,6cm while our ticket of 500 euros measures 15,3 cm * 8,2 cm. Do not try the devil in short, it would be a pity to inflict damage to the point of making it unusable. We also do not see it frankly circulate and even less in the form of saber.
So, here's how to make a sword with a dollar bill, thanks to this 9gag user to share his knowledge: (and at worst, a sheet of thin paper, scissors, rules and go my kiki !). Be careful, it's going fast!

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