Gardena Sileno City, more urban robotic lawnmower for small lawns

Gardena Sileno City, more urban robotic lawnmower for small lawns

                    The Sileno family from Gardena is expanding by hosting a new City series, designed for lawns of 500 m² or less. Models designed to be simple to use and maintain.

We know the Gardena Sileno and Sileno +, respectively for lawns of 1,000 and 1,300 m². Here are now the Sileno City models, which, as the name suggests, are more suited to urban gardens, often smaller area.This new City series is available in 3 models (Sileno City 250, Sileno City 500 and Smart Sileno City 500) all resting on the same base. We are dealing with a small robotic lawn mower (55 x 38 x 23 cm for 7.3 kg), similar in format to the Gardena R-series (R40Li …) – themselves based on the base Automower 300 Series (305 …) at Husqvarna. In the same spirit as the latter, the Sileno City move thanks to their two large drive wheels, the seat of the robot being provided by a simple wheel in the back. The latter is however welcome because it allows movement on surfaces not perfectly flat, unlike the simple crutch sliding on the lawn used on models Robomow RX (RX20u …). In the same spirit as these, the Sileno City are designed to be simple to install, including a load base that can be placed in a corner. Gardena also thought to simplify the maintenance of these models City. Their mowing system can thus be simply cleaned with a water jet thanks to a reinforced waterproofing (IP index not specified), unlike the vast majority of other mowers-robots that would not support such treatment (manual cleaning required, no water projection from below). The Sileno City is also designed to mow in all conditions, even in the rain.

Their compactness requires a cutting width of 16 cm, while the cutting height is manually adjustable from 2 to 5 m. Mowing can be done on small slopes, up to 25% inclination. Promiscuity is much more likely when it comes to urban gardens; the neighbors will be happy to see this robot evolve next to their home, since they will spare their ears. With a maximum noise level of 58 dB (A), summer naps will in principle be less likely to be disturbed. If the Sileno City 250 and 500 can only be configured and started via the interface positioned on the top of the robot (buttons and LCD screens), the connected Smart version of the City 500 also works via an application (Android and iOS) or a web interface thanks to the Smart Gateway. An option billed € 100, and that makes the price of the Smart Sileno City 500 above the fateful mark of € 1,000. The Sileno City 500 not connected is indeed at 999 €, when the City 250 is positioned at 799 € (public rates TTC advised). The availability of these 3 mowing robots is immediate and we are already planning to test a model of this new series.

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