For Samsung, nothing is more important than images that replace words


With the launch of its two new flagships, Samsung is clearly emphasizing the new features of its camera, imagined and designed for the era of visual communication that is ours. Hence the slogan "The Re-imagined Camera".
The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 + embeds a dual aperture sensor, a new super fast image processor and a dual camera on the back to enhance image quality in all light conditions.
During the official presentation, DJ Koh, director of IT and Mobile Communications at Samsung, insisted that 1,200 billion photos were taken on our smartphones last year, and 5 billion emoji sent. "Nothing is more important than how emoji replace words. […] Images become our new mode of expression. Clearly, the generation of social networks has revolutionized the way of communicating. "
In fact, the camera was particularly neat. With the ability to make videos at 960 frames per second, add music, change the background or make a GIF. The cameras also have a double aperture, to penetrate the light more accurately, better output quality.
Samsung has also announced a new feature, AR Emoji, which allows you to take a selfie and then use augmented reality to make an emoji that reproduces the slightest of your movements. South Korean's response to Apple and its Animoji on iPhone X.
Bixby, the platform that uses augmented reality and deep learning to perform complex tasks, will also be there. And compete directly with what Google offers in recent years …

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