for Arcep, there is no clamping

for Arcep, there is no clamping

                    The telecom constable does not find any irregularity in the way Netflix operates on the Free network. Which does not mean that there is no problem. The president of Arcep blames the two players, and hopes they can find an interconnection agreement.

Many Freenautes complain about the peak hour speeds on Netflix, which have to support a very poor image quality and regular power cuts. The US giant SVOD gives them right: its observatory shows that the performance recorded on the Free network continues to fall. There is clearly a problem of interconnection between the ISP's hoses and Netflix's servers, and to date, no agreement is in sight, as Free does not have the habit of putting his hand in the wallet to improve the quality of service on his network.

In this context, many Free Netflix subscribers entered Arcep, which launched an investigation. They will undoubtedly be disappointed with his conclusions: the telecom regulator says he has not found any irregularities. Indeed, according to Arcep, these delays are attributable to the specificities of the network and the influx of Netflix, which is a very consumer bandwidth service. Free does not voluntarily restrict access to Netflix and the principle of Net Neutrality is not in question. This is in any case what said the president of Arcep, Sebastien Soriano, who explained to our colleagues 01net on the sidelines of the Mobile World Congress: "It seems highly likely that this is an interconnection problem to resolve between Free and Netflix, so it would be unfair to blame it only on Free, the ball is also in Netflix's court to put an end to this situation. "

No agreement in sight
Technically, for things to improve, Free would have to make more room for traffic from Netflix on his pipes, which obviously has a cost. For Free, it is up to Netflix to pay (or failing that, to participate in the settlement of the note). For its part, Netflix says it has long established a program called Open Connect, which consists of moving its servers and content on the networks of ISPs partners, allowing their subscribers to enjoy a much better quality of service. Orange, Bouygues Telecom and SFR are partners in this program, but Free refuses. It is recalled that Netflix is ​​still not available directly from the Freebox.On recalls that the problem of interconnection between Free and YouTube took years to resolve and that everything was back in order following the release of the Freebox Mini 4K that uses Google's Android operating system. It remains to be seen if Free and Netflix can agree one day.

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