eve: and if the solution to change your clocks was a mattress? – Tech

eve: and if the solution to change your clocks was a mattress? - Tech

                        Because a good sleep is the key to a successful day, Eve designs products to be the best allies of a sweet night, including a mattress to "get off to a good start".
        Nobody can escape sleep. Like it or not, sleeping remains a natural need, a necessity that weighs in anyway for a third of our life on average. And as many do not feel sleep enough, as much as the hours spent in bed are the most efficient and comfortable possible.
To feel good all day long, you have to have a good night's sleep to get off to a good start. Besides the time to allocate (do not go to bed too late for example), we must not neglect the bedding, essential support that will guarantee a peaceful night. For this purpose, eve has designed a range of products adapted to offer the best way to fall asleep and wake up well. With a unique mattress, the fruit of a development that lasted four years and compiling not less than 70 000 tests.
Behind the eve brand is a user-centric philosophy. In order to establish a relationship of trust with them, the founders rely on simplicity and do not hesitate to talk about a family Eve. That's why the sale is done directly by internet. As the day always begins with the awakening, the engineers have capitalized on this particular moment to give birth to technologies guaranteeing a better sleep leading to feel good when we open our eyes. At the center of its range is of course a mattress, whose particularity is to be unique. Since eve is an e-commerce brand, its products are mainly sold online, which allows prices that are unbeatable compared to store equivalents.

Technology at the service of well-being
eve imagined a hundred prototypes before giving birth to the final version of its mattress claiming a satisfaction rate of up to 95%. A success that allows the company to use the term "alchemy" based on this desire to create a very close link with its users. Indeed, they enjoy sleeping with their many products.

Recognizable among thousands with its removable yellow cover in technical fabric Polyester and Dorlastan able to offer the best of new generation memory foam shape, the mattress consists of three layers. The one with memory of form, thus, measures three centimeters, is ultra-breathable, marries the shape of your body and absorbs shocks in case your spouse has this annoying tendency to move during his sleep.
Below, there is another refreshing layer of three centimeters. It is said to be revolutionary which, in practice, offers an ideal temperature by eliminating moisture and dissipating the heat of the body. We end this roundup with a base of eighteen centimeters high resilience for maximum stability induced a skilful mixture between consistency and softness. In this way, nobody will say that it is too soft or, conversely, too hard.

This very important and important philosophy that drives Eve is not just the leitmotif of a single mattress. Thus, the manufacturer has thought of a solution suitable for babies. It is not a simple mini version of the adult product, but rather a mattress that meets the requirements of toddlers' sleep (examples: a reinforced seal for various leaks, a reinforced support for the back , the neck and the head).
There are also several other products such as a bed base (with or without headboard), a pillow with memory, a super-breathable mattress pad, bedding, linens and even pajamas. So many reasons to integrate the eve family and never leave it because you sleep better than elsewhere.





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