Elon Musk leaves OpenAI to avoid conflicts of interest

Elon Musk leaves OpenAI to avoid conflicts of interest


        Tesla needs artificial intelligence

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        22/02/18 at 17:02


                    Founder of OpenAI and accustomed to criticize advances in artificial intelligence, the famous entrepreneur Elon Musk leaves his post on the board of directors of the organization. He remains close, however, as an advisor.

We spoke only yesterday about the potential dangers associated with artificial intelligence, a field of technological research often decried by multi-billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk (Tesla, SpaceX). Accustomed to blood tests against the AI, Musk even founded a few years ago the OpenAI organization, charged with conducting research on the thorny issue of artificial intelligence. The problem is that the cars produced in Tesla Motors offer more and more assistance to driving, to make them virtually autonomous. But for this, Musk has de facto need to integrate AI in the cockpits. A paradoxical situation that puts the leader in difficulty vis-à-vis his own organization.Du least until a few hours ago, because Elon Musk officially left his position at OpenAI to avoid future conflicts of interest, the organization said. The wealthy businessman will nevertheless remain close to OpenAI, which he will continue to finance and advise. Incidentally, we learn that new patrons are to be on the hunting board of the organization and among them is a certain Gabe Newell, founder of Valve.







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