Does Bitcoin kill people?


Does Bitcoin kill people? This is the question we can ask after an attack by Bill Gates against cryptocurrencies. According to the founder of Microsoft, these "directly cause the death of people". He associates them with illegal activities and criticizes his principle of anonymity, which can lead to abuses. A statement made on Reddit during a question-and-answer session that generated a lot of reactions. Bill Gates is apparently not a big fan of cryptocurrency. During a Q & A session on Reddit, the founder of Microsoft did not hesitate to say all the harm he thought about bitcoin, ether and others, even accusing them of causing deaths. An astonishing statement while he was rather excited by their growth in interviews given to various US media in 2014.
But he seems to have changed his mind since then. Asked about the social network on his vision of cryptocurrencies, he replied: "The main feature of cryptocurrencies is anonymity. I do not think that's a good thing. The ability of governments to flush out money laundering, tax evasion and terrorist financing is a good thing, "he said.
Then he chained a sentence that made a lot of reaction: "Currently, cryptocurrencies are used to buy fentanyl and other drugs, so it's a technology that causes deaths quite directly," he says. An analysis of the astonishing situation that has caused the misunderstanding of many Redditors, who blame the former boss of Microsoft fall into shortcuts.
Is Bitcoin really responsible for deaths?
It can not be denied that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are widely used for the implementation of illegal activities. They facilitate transactions by hiding behind blockchain technology that guarantees anonymity as well as security of trade. These platforms are therefore ideal for some individuals with unscrupulous intentions, who see the opportunity to limit risk by avoiding the authorities. The problem raised by Bill Gates is of course interesting, but he is right to to take cryptocurrencies or is it mistaken for targets? The question of how we use technology often comes back to the carpet and we often have trouble identifying who should really be blamed: technology or the human.
It is a bit like criticizing cars, without which there would be no traffic accidents. But users must respect the rules of the road, which defines a framework to limit risks. Ditto for the harassment campaigns that take place on social networks. Hard to blame Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, which are just tools. The conditions of use and moderation on one side, the laws of the different countries on the other, again provide a framework for their use. In the case of cryptocurrencies, the systems are in total self-management.
On your side, what do you think: can one accuse the cryptomania of causing deaths as Bill Gates says? While the EU threatens to limit the use of bitcoin, would you understand its regulation? Is Bill Gates aiming right or are you considering it next to the plate? After considering banning bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, South Korea has finally retracted, but the fact that the question has arisen demonstrates the fear of cryptocurrencies.

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