Awox SmartLIGHT Mesh E14: Complete test – Bulbs and luminaires connected

Awox SmartLIGHT Mesh E14: Complete test - Bulbs and luminaires connected

                        The French manufacturer Awox continues to decline its bulbs under Mesh, the network without a router and wireless. After launching its E27 and GU10 formats (under Mesh), Awox completes its range by adding this E14 model that we are testing today.

    The French manufacturer Awox continues to enrich its range of bulbs connected Mesh, solution that ensures the connection between different devices without router and wireless. Introduced for the first time at the IFA 2016 with the Smart Light Mesh Color, the family has since grown, and Mesh technology is proven, as evidenced by the SmartLight Mesh GU10 (4 stars in our test) or the C13 Mesh Globe. As a reminder, the average life of a connected bulb is about 20 000 hours. Like its elders, SmartLight Mesh E14 bulb connects in Bluetooth and can provide white lighting (hot and cold) or color lighting. Sold only € 24.99, it also comes in a pack € 29.99 including a remote control.

Although the E14 format is not the most widespread, it is often found on bedside lamps or on chandeliers. Unquestionably, bulbs of this type are more used to provide ambient lighting or punctual lighting rather than to illuminate a room. Like all bulbs under Mesh (see box at the end of this article), the E14 is very easy to use and works in Plug and Play. Simply screw the bulb to your lamp, turn on the switch and configure it through your smartphone via the appropriate application. Bluetooth must be activated beforehand to perform pairing. Thanks to the Mesh network, the range of Bluetooth increases from 15 to 50 m.

Thanks to the Mesh network, it is possible to control the bulb of your smartphone up to 50 m.

The configuration is very fast and even unskilled users will be able to connect their light bulb in less than 3 minutes. Recall that in addition to simply increase the range of Bluetooth, Mesh technology offers many possibilities. For example, it allows the grouping of 50 bulbs, where Bluetooth limits to 8. It is also possible to simulate a remote presence when no one is at home. Nevertheless, we still far from the benefits offered by Wi-Fi for the creation of more complex scenarios.

As mentioned in our SmartLight Mesh GU10 test, the Awox Smart Control app (iOS and Android) has hardly changed. Very intuitive and easy to use, it always offers a wide range of colors and features. The homepage of the application offers to choose from 12 predefined colors. The "Palette" tab allows you to choose from the 16 million shades proposed. The intensity adjustment is made using the horizontal bar.

The application offers a wide range of colors to enlighten you.

The "Theme" tab brings together themes of colored atmospheres: "Sun", "Volcano", "Dew", "Ocean" or "Snow", for example. The "Sequence" tab makes it possible to use so-called "soft" transitions of light by choosing a range of colors. The "Planning" tab gives access to many functions among which it will be possible to use the timer, the night light, the dawn simulator, the simulator of presence or to program different scenarios of activation of your bulb.The customization does not stop at the choice of light, but also extends to the functions, within the settings. Awox provides an alarm to program the start or stop of the lighting: the user can, in fact, wake up or fall asleep in the light provided to keep his smartphone nearby, with Bluetooth enabled ( so out of airplane mode). Finally, the "Disco" mode activates the brightness and the color of your bulb according to the selected music.

The tabs of the application give access to many features.

The home menu suggests, thanks to the "My groups" function, to add up to 50 bulbs per group that can be controlled independently of each other, again thanks to the "Mesh" technology. Concretely, it is therefore possible to manage each bulb completely independently.

Thanks to Mesh, it is possible to control up to 50 ampoules.

To enjoy the benefits of Mesh technology, it is necessary to activate the network through the application settings, otherwise the user will be content with Bluetooth. It is unfortunate that this option is not active by default.

In recent years, Awox has accustomed us to a quality of light more than correct. As a reminder, we test the quality of light on two measures: one at 2700 K, which is similar to a white drawing on the yellow; it is a light called "hot white". The other measurement is made at 6,500 K, this is a "cold" white, a raw light. To evaluate the quality of these two temperatures of white, we plunge our laboratory in the dark and we place ourselves at 1 m distance from our bulb, the only bright point of the room. Concerning our Awox SmartLight Mesh E14, the temperatures recorded are at the limit of perfection. We obtained 2,709 K in warm white and 6,158 K in cold white, which is very close to the expected standard. In order to know the regularity of the lighting spectrum – which accounts for the quality of the light beam – we calculate the IRC (Color Rendering Index). The theoretical reference index for a perfect color reproduction is 100, but for the moment, in our comparison, no bulb reaches it; the expected standard is 90. The Awox SmartLight Mesh E14 presents a perfectible but correct CRI of 82.1 in hot light (2700 K) and 82.9 in cold light (6500 K). Results a little behind the Awox Stripled (IRC above 90). The CRI of the Awox SmartLight Mesh E14 is slightly better in cold white than in warm white, but the difference is not perceptible to the eye.

    IRC at 2700K

    IRC at 6500K

The consumption of the SmartLight Mesh E14 is announced at 5 W by Awox. We found a consumption of 5.2 W in blue white light, at its maximum intensity. Compared to the luminous flux of 400 lumens, we obtain a ratio slightly below the average of our comparative. This is not surprising since it is a light bulb that is more suitable for ambient lighting, sifted, "cozy" and is not intended to illuminate a whole room alone.

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