Automower 315X, a third affordable X-Series robotic mower

Automower 315X, a third affordable X-Series robotic mower


        GPS, leds, connectivity and new look

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        02/28/18 at 11:04


                    Husqvarna completes its series of high-end Automower X robot mowers with the 315X. This new model takes the basis of the Automower 315 and adds features formerly reserved only for high-end manufacturer.


Positioned below the 430X and 450X, the Automower 315X nevertheless benefits from the attributes reserved for the X models. One thus finds the leds headlights at the front making it easier to locate the mower at a distance, the Automower Connect as standard for a connection with a smartphone via GPRS and therefore wherever you are – provided you have a connection to a mobile network with data plan – or a GPS-assisted navigation – feature also present on the 500 series professional models. The base of the robot is based on the technical characteristics of the Automower 315 that we tested in 2016: cutting width of 22 cm using 3 mobile razor / cutter blades manual cutting height of 2 to 6 cm, maximum guaranteed sound level of 60 dB (A), adaptive timer to modulate the mowing frequency according to grass growth speed, mowing on slopes up to 22 ° d ' tilt, charge time of 60 minutes for 70 minutes of battery life, and finally LCD control screen on the top. The mowing capacity is very close, at 1,600 m² for the 315X, against 1,500 m² for the 315. A difference can probably be explained by the higher efficiency allowed by GPS assisted navigation, since the mower avoids ironing. too often in the areas that she has already mowed. There are also some differences in the hull, more mate on the tower of the robot, and now provided with a reinforced bumper rubber on the front. Another aesthetic difference: the inside of the wheels is now orange. The Automower 315X is already available. If this model is actually more affordable than the other series X, its recommended retail price of € 2,399 – or € 400 more than the Automower 315 – still reflects its high-end positioning.

Husqvarna X-Series robotic lawn mowers. From left to right: 315X, 430X, 450X.





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