And now connected buoys made in France!


Attention, no mistake, we are not talking about buoys for children in the form of flamingos or other nonsense. The French company Aquamodule is specialized in the development of innovative aquatic concepts. Led by a plastics engineer, she designs and manufactures innovative markup and signaling buoys in good standing with the current maritime signaling code. No misunderstanding Cap'tain.
These buoys were designed to meet a growing need for safety at sea through controlled night lighting, while combining innovative and sustainable materials, renewable energy and secure connectivity system.
Julien Negri, founder of the company Aquamodule, makes a point of developing custom buoys and nautical solutions. Thus, their buoys, of French manufacture, are based on medium density polyethylene. They are therefore specially designed to withstand shocks and stress cracking. Light buoys are made from 100% recycled plastic. Thanks to these materials, Aquamodule buoys do not require any maintenance. You do not even need a specialized seafarer!
The buoys are powered by a solar panel integrated in a waterproof shell. This system allows them to self-recharge. Thus, autonomous on battery, they are entirely independent in energy for their operation. The brightness of the sun triggers their lighting at dusk and their extinction once the sun is up.
Weighing 3kg, they are visible about one km away. In addition, buoys come in many colors and shapes. According to the uses, they are available in conical, cylindrical or spherical form. Supplied as an option, they can be equipped with a waterproof case with one or more LEDs, a slow or fast color dimmer, or a flash.
What's the point?
The fields of application are numerous. The buoys can be used in the port area, for the delimitation of sea channels and restricted areas and to mark aquaculture areas and fishing nets. They are also used for the delimitation of bathing areas, during events or for divers and hunters in night apnea.

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