an Android smartphone for kids with the most extreme parental control

smartphone android enfants

The MWC 2018 is not just an event allowing major brands to present their next smartphones. Companies less well known than Samsung or Sony also take the opportunity to show. This is the case of EscudoWeb, which has unveiled its phoneKid, an Android smartphone for children that is designed to be used from the age of seven. The phoneKid of the Spanish company EscudoWeb is an Android smartphone for children that can be used from the age of seven. It is designed to allow parents to control from A to Z when and how the smartphone is used by the child. An overlay allows software provides features to prevent the diversion of its security systems.
The child is therefore unable to reduce the control imposed by his parents, only masters of what it is possible or not to do. It is not possible for example to turn off the smartphone or disable the geolocation option without going through the interface of parents, says EscudoWeb to the BBC.
phoneKid: the Android smartphone for kids
There are of course more classic options such as restricted access to certain applications, with pre-recorded profiles already proposed. For example, the "study" mode only unblocks educational applications, such as the calculator. It is also possible to replace the home screen with a tool notifying the child what to do.A smartphone that shows that debates about the addiction and dangerousness of smartphones for children do not take thinner. Apple has announced add parental control options on its iPhone to combat the addiction of young people following the concern of its own shareholders.
In France, registration on social networks will no longer be possible without parental consent for teenagers under 15 years of age. A topical theme therefore, while EscudoWeb is looking for partners to launch the production of its phoneKid.

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