Amazon offers Ring for a billion dollars

Amazon offers Ring for a billion dollars


        To counter Nest … and Google

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        28/02/18 at 11:45


                    Amazon continues to explore the connected home sector. After having bought Blink, company specializing in surveillance cameras, voila the giant of the Web offers itself Ring which in particular made itself known for its connected bells. All for the modest sum of one billion dollars.



Earlier this week, Amazon announced the acquisition of Ring; a California company well known for its intercoms, doorbells and other connected cameras for individuals. According to Reuters, the Web giant would have spent more than a billion dollars for this purchase. Adding to this amount, the amount spent by Jeff Bezos' firm – in the order of $ 90 million – by buying Blink in late 2017, it says a lot about Amazon's intentions to fully exploit the industry. connected security. Also remember that Amazon presented at the end of the year Cloud Cam; a surveillance camera under Alexa that works in conjunction with a connected lock and the Amazon Key delivery service. In all likelihood, this acquisition also confirms Amazon's intention to enrich its ecosystem around its range of Echo assistants. This crucial acquisition for Amazon may slightly disturb Google. Indeed, since the first steps of Ring, the start-up is shameless on the lands of Nest – now reinstated to Google – by proposing somewhat similar solutions. It is therefore expected over the next few months that the two giants of the Web are firing again on this sector, in the same way they have done in recent months on the market for domestic assistants.




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