160 MB / s, the world's fastest microSD UHS-I


As mobile content and applications become more and more sophisticated, Western Digital adds new mobile solutions. These are intended to improve the backup, sharing and use of rich content on users' devices. The 4K is enticing, but greedy in terms of download speed or storage, hence the arrival of the UHS-I microSD card.
Whether exploring a new world in an immersive virtual reality application or shooting 4K video from a smartphone or drone, users need more storage and easier data transfer. , especially when it comes to speed, to believe that we all took for the Flash.
The new SanDisk Extreme 400GB UHS-I microSD card is designed to help users transfer their high-quality content with unprecedented speed. With a transfer rate of 160MB / s, the new card is more than 50% faster than the current SanDisk Extreme UHS-I microSD models (90MB / s write). The card also complies with the A2 standard to speed up the launch and loading of applications as much as possible.

"Consumers are expecting a mobile experience of increasing quality, and with our 3D NAND technology, we are pushing the boundaries of innovation to enable them to create and use even more rich content on their devices. With our expertise in flash memory and microSD card electronics, we can achieve outstanding performance. This revolutionary SanDisk microSD card demonstrates Western Digital's commitment to providing more advanced solutions for data growth, "said Jim Welsh, SVP and General Manager, Western Digital Customer Solutions.
Too bad that the latest iPhones do not host microSD cards, users would probably have benefited (there are certainly solutions, but what's simpler than a microSD, to each his opinion on the issue).
As for us, we would be very curious to know the price of the beast …

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