With iOS 11.3, family purchases can be validated with Face ID – Pop culture

With iOS 11.3, family purchases can be validated with Face ID - Pop culture

Good news for parents: Face ID will soon be able to validate iTunes purchases made within the same family. What Touch ID already allowed before the arrival of the iPhone X.
        Deprived of a physical button in front, the iPhone X has replaced the authentication technology Touch ID by another: Face ID, no longer based on a fingerprint, but facial recognition. This good step forward in terms of security – even if it makes debate for some – has brought its share of novelties (like Animoji), but also removed things that could be done before. For example, with Touch ID, a parent can validate a purchase made by a child from their phone via family sharing. Today, Face ID can not. But things will change with iOS 11.3.

Face ID is on the page
Apple has already talked a lot about iOS 11.3, including evoking major developments (battery usage indicator, inflated Animoji casting). But the Cupertino company has not indicated that it will add the validation by Face ID of a purchase made as part of a family sharing. A visibly popular feature while facial recognition does indeed for a normal purchase made on the App Store.
Our colleagues at 9to5Mac have access to the first beta of iOS 11.3 and confirm, with a video, that the feature should really be part once the update will be available for everyone. Apparently, the very first purchase still requires to enter the password of the main account (this is a security), but the following will only need the face registered with Face ID to be approved. Note: this is an option and in no way an obligation. But if parents want to gain some precious seconds …


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