Tinder convicted of age discrimination

EA reported tonight its results for the third quarter of its 2018 fiscal year, and the task was rather complicated. On the financial side, the publisher is doing well, with stable quarterly revenues compared to last year, to $ 1.16 billion, for a net loss of $ 186 million.
This last point is not, however, worrying. EA has historically posted losses over this period, before counting its largest profits in the next quarter. This year will be no exception as the company expects a net profit of $ 579 million in the fourth quarter and $ 1.01 billion for the full year.
To note, a provision of 176 million dollars of taxes, corresponding to the repatriation to the United States of profits stored abroad.
However, not everything is rosy. The publisher recorded a historic drop in revenue from dematerialized game sales in the last quarter (-27% year-on-year). This point was not expected by markets, and EA hardly justify it, preferring to say that in volume, sales are higher than last year.
Finally, EA announced that it will postpone the launch of Anthem in the first quarter of 2019, while it was expected in autumn 2018. The publisher assures that this date change is not due to the progress of the development. the game, but rather the need to offer a launch window less loaded.

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