This is the newest of Japanese giant robots from Sakakibara!

Sakakibara robot géant LW-Mononofu

Six years later, Japanese robotics specialist Sakakibara Machinery Works Co. unveils its latest creation in the family of giant robots. Here is the impressive LW-Mononofu! Presentation of this monster of steel!
In 2005, the company unveiled to the eyes of the world the Landwalker. He could be flown and fired tennis balls. Then it was the Kid's Walker Cyclops, and its $ 20,000 price, for kids.
Today, Sakakibara no longer laughs and reveals his latest creation: the LW-Mononofu. A monster of 8.50 meters high for 7.4 tons on the scale. According to Yahoo! Japan, it took six years to design the beast.

The LW-Mononofu should definitely catch the eye of those who grew up with Mobile Suit Gundam, Evangelion, Vision Escaflowne and consort. This giant robot is available for rent for events.

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