This four-wheeled toaster may be your future independent pizza delivery man – Tech

This four-wheeled toaster may be your future independent pizza delivery man - Tech

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                    Nuro was born in the minds of two former Google engineers. This autonomous vehicle, which looks like a four-wheeled toaster, must ensure deliveries of everyday products without the help of any human being.
        Dave Ferguson and Jiajun Zhu are two former Google engineers. Both participated in the genesis of the company's autonomous car project, now known as Waymo. In 2016, the two acolytes embarked on a new adventure: Nuro.
Their project, which now comes in the form of a startup, focuses on the design of a new type of vehicle. It is intended for a specific task: the delivery of basic necessities, at the local level.
Their autonomous car focuses on the transport of food products, laundry – a substance that should not be swallowed, recently reminded YouTube to its members – or any other order.

Nomadic toaster
Nuro focuses on empowering these local services, hoping at the same time to reduce traffic accidents. The timing of the company is rather favorable, at a time when the giant e-commerce Amazon is looking for ways to simplify the delivery of its packages, exploring the track drones.
Rather than using an already existing car, Nuro has designed its own prototype. This vehicle, which looks like a kind of nomadic toaster, can store the goods to deliver.
The usual technologies for this type of vehicle – Lidar, cameras and radars – are on the roof of its cabin, which was absolutely not thought for a human to settle inside.
The two former Google engineers are not the only ones to bet on the autonomy of vehicles for the future of home delivery. At CES 2018, Toyota introduced a stand-alone taxi that can also be a pizza delivery person.



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