this bad news that could upset Apple

this bad news that could upset Apple


        A mixed craze?

        Published on
        29/01/18 at 12:31
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        29/01/18 at 14h56


                    Apple arrives after the storm on the market of domestic assistants? Indeed, it seems that the firm has announced no out of stock and no delivery delay. Presage of a mixed craze?


Often victim of its success, Apple has a habit of selling its products like hotcakes. Hardly any open pre-orders, Apple-branded devices are usually out of stock and buyers see delivery times significantly longer. This phenomenon does not seem to concern the Apple HomePod available pre-order since Friday, January 26. Indeed, three days after the provision of pre-orders, Apple confirms that his domestic assistant Siri is still available in all its network of distribution and will be well delivered from February 9th. To date, only the United States and the United Kingdom are involved in this launch. Next spring, Germany and France will welcome Apple's assistant. Is it the lack of communication and marketing campaigns around the product that make the HomePod shunned by the general public? Or the supremacy of Amazon and Google in this sector who regularly shoot fluff? Or is it still the price of Apple HomePod $ 349, much more expensive than the Amazon Echo or Google Home (sold 150 €). So many questions and doubts that foreshadow a future in half-tone for the HomePod.





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