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Each month, the Phonandroid editorial team unveils the new series and films offered in the Netflix catalog. With the uncomfortable weather forecast, we expect you to spend a few evenings under the duvet. To keep you busy, here are the best shows of the moment at binge-watcher on Netflix. Are you more like movies? Here too, we have what you need! Hear dear readers! We have great news for you! The Phonandroid editorial team has decided to please fans of Netflix series and movies. The SVOD service is the one that is the most successful in France, we ourselves all subscribed to the newsletter. So you can imagine that we also have discussions on the latest series outings, our favorites, our movies not to be missed, our documentaries super interesting. In short, we also like cinema and series at Phonandroid and we wanted to share this passion with you.
So we decided to make a point each month on the series and movies to watch on Netflix. We will therefore make you every month a complete point on the novelties of the catalog but not only. As the goal is to share our passion, we will make you a small selection of three series not to be missed. Our top 3 of the month somehow. And as we are in February 2018 and the winter ice a little bone, what better than a selection of movies and series to relax warm? Here we go !
Netflix: top 3 series not to be missed in February 2018
Before revealing all the contents of the catalog, we propose to give you our top 3 of the month. Of course, it's totally subjective and not everyone will be interested. In our opinion, these are the series that are worth the most to watch this month.
Altered Carbon Season 1

This is the series of the moment on Netflix! To promote its new series, the VOD service has also put the dishes in the big. At the CES in Las Vegas, Netflix has made passers-by and curious people believe that a company has finally found the key to immortality. As you may have guessed, Altered Carbon, or Modified Carbon, will speak to us about immortality. The series takes us in fact in 2384, in the dystopian world imagined by Richard Morgan, a British novelist. If you've loved Black Mirror, chances are you'll love Altered Carbon.
Marseille Season 2

Despite the rather mixed reception of his first season, Marseille returns for a second batch. In the titles roles, we find of course Gérard Depardieu and Benoît Magimel. Available from February 23, this new season will report the rise of the National Front in the city of Marseille. If the first season has conquered you, this one should not disappoint you.Everything Sucks season 1

If you're into trendy comedy, you'll love the arrival of Everything Sucks. As the trailer shows, the series will take you straight back into the 90s, at the time of VHS tapes, walkmans and video clubs. This first season of 10 episodes of 30 minutes will be available from February 16 and will tell the adventures of a gang of geeks. Are you nostalgic of the 90s? Everything Sucks might seduce you!
Netflix: the February 2018 series catalog
In the program this February, a lot of original content Netflix with series like Marseille or Altered Carbon, we mention just above. Among other novelties in the catalog, we will appreciate the arrival of the full Gossip Girl and the sixth season of Arrow. For big and small, we also note the release of Bob L'éponge season 1. In short, you have something to do this month!
Series added to the Netflix catalog
SpongeBob (season 1) on the 01/02
Avatar: The Last Airbender (seasons 1 to 3) on 01/02
Arrow (season 6, 1 episode per week) on the 01/02
Altered Carbon (season 1) on 02/02
Greenhouse Academy (season 2) on 14/02
Gossip Girl (seasons 1 to 6) on the 15/02
Everything Sucks! (season 1) the 16/02
Seven Seconds (season 1) on 23/02
Marseille (season 2) on the 23/02
Netflix: the film catalog of February 2018
It is often criticized Netflix not to offer many movies but it is far from the case. Nevertheless, this month, the VOD service has been rather stingy in news, with only a handful of additions to its catalog. You should take a look at Mute, a science fiction film by Duncan Jones with Alexander Skarsgård, Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux.If you enjoy the futuristic epics, you will love this dive in the Berlin of 2052.

Movies added to the Netflix catalog
Body and Souls 02/02
The Ritual on 09/02
Mute on the 23/02
The Strange History of Benjamin Button on the 01/02
The Holiday on 01/02
Netflix: the documentary catalog of February 2018
Netflix is ​​series and films but also documentaries. This month, and contrary to his habits, the VOD service has worked twice as hard in February. Of particular note is the arrival of Marion Wayans: Woke Ish, a kind of one-hour one-man show that addresses topics such as racism. For food lovers, do not miss Ugly Delicious, a documentary series that will take you from food to food.
Queer Eye For The Straight Guy on 01/02
Coach Snoop 02/02
The Trader (Sovdagari) on the 09/02
First teem: Juventus on 16/02
Ugly Delicious on 23/02
Marion Wayans: Woke-ish on 27/02
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