The Nokia 3310 4G is officialized and it is more interesting than expected

The Nokia 3310 4G is officialized and it is more interesting than expected

                    Nokia took a new start at the MWC 2017, under the Finnish flag, including resurrecting the iconic 3310. Excluding the momentum of nostalgia, the feature phone did not convince us at that time.

But the new manufacturer, founded by veterans of Nokia, retakes its chance with a 4G version of the device. It was expected since December 2017, following its certification by TENAA, the Chinese equivalent of the US FCC or the French Arcep.The device has not yet been the subject of a press release , but it has just been referenced on Nokia's official website in China.

A phone that knows how to call
The Nokia 3310 4G offers as expected the support of VoLTE, that is to say calls in 4G. It does not seem like anything, but it is essential for a device that essentially serves to phone. With the VoLTE, calls are established almost instantaneously (and more in several long seconds), and the sound quality is optimal (wide band AMR codec at 24 kb / s, against AMR wide band at 12 kb / s in 3G and AMD narrow band at 12 kb / s in 2G) .This technology will finally ensure a better longevity to the device, as operators around the world reassign to 4G frequencies previously allocated to 2G and 3G.

The operation of VoLTE explained by Qualcomm.

Sharing the line
The 4G modem will not revolutionize the uses on the phone. Its small screen (2.4 inches 320 x 240 px) and its small processor are much more of a limiting factor than its speed of internet connection.On the other hand we learn that we can "turn the Nokia 3310 4G into hostpot Wi- Fi portable and share the internet connection with other devices ". The "new-new" 3310 therefore hosts the Wi-Fi hotspot function, also known as connection sharing. This first price phone will allow to connect to the Internet an entry-level tablet, a laptop or any other Wi-Fi device. The loop is complete! An alternative both more versatile and more economical than a dedicated mobile hotspot. The Nokia 3310 4G is also identical to the 3G model launched last year. It has 512 MB of internal memory, expandable of 64 GB through a microSD, a 2 megapixel camera accompanied by a LED, a Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and an FM tuner. and its launch date in China are not yet known, and we are not yet sure that it will be launched in the rest of the world.


                            Nokia 3310 Edition 2017


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