The movie Saw now has its own escape room. Do you dare?


The escape rooms are on the rise. It is found today in almost every major city. With very varied themes. If you love the horror saga Saw, know that an escape room inspired by the movie has just opened in Las Vegas!
Here is the description that can be found on the official website of this attraction like no other:
The Official SAW Escape is an immersive room escape experience with multiple rooms that bring to life twisted games inspired by the SAW blockbusters saga. Participants enter the Egan & Co. Meat Packing factory for a private tour and discover they are the players of an elaborate game developed by Jigsaw, the famous killer, and his followers. By working together to fight their fears, to venture far beyond their comfort zone and to solve complex puzzles, participants will have the opportunity to win their freedom by moving through all the pitfalls of an entire factory. full of Jigsaw games – one of the biggest escape rooms in the world -.

Among the different rooms, there is even the bathroom of the original Saw movie. With the voice of Tobin Bell who guides you all along. The experience lasts about 90 minutes and it will cost you $ 50 per person.

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