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The Monster Hunter series is one of Capcom's largest franchises with 40 million units sold since 2004. The latest installment, Monster Hunter: World, released on PS4 and XBOX ONE, aims to be more accessible and attract a wider audience.
Who is better placed than the fans to make us live this ultimate hunting experience? In order to appeal to this broader target, Biborg has collaborated with Capcom Europe teams to produce a web documentary featuring players from around the world. In these 3 episodes, six ambassadors tell their veterans and new players, with passion and humor, their most incredible multiplayer hunting stories. Their languages ​​and play styles may differ, but one thing binds them: an insatiable thirst for adventure!
Kais Ali Benali, UK Business Director & Partner at Biborg: "These videos have been designed to appeal to a wider audience that does not know the Monster Hunter franchise. We wanted to give this audience a reason to play without neglecting the fan base. All gameplay images were captured with the intention of showing the personality and playing style of each player and their character. We are extremely proud to have worked hand-in-hand with Capcom throughout the project and the different perspectives these three episodes bring to the overall campaign. "

Marina Koh, Brand Manager at Capcom: "It was great to work with Biborg on such an exciting campaign to attract new players around the world. The team was very supportive with their creative ideas and was able to target the audience we wanted to reach to make this release a true success for Capcom. "

The episodes aired on Jan. 26 on Capcom's UK channels and will also be featured on the PlayStation EU YouTube page.

Episode 1 – Setting Forth

Episode 2 – Strenght in numbers

Episode 3 – Fighting with style

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