The Freebox Revolution improves its Wi-Fi features in version 3.5.0

The Freebox Revolution improves its Wi-Fi features in version 3.5.0


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                    Interesting update for the aging Freebox Revolution which, after more than seven years of loyal service, offers the WPS and a guest mode for Wi-Fi, among other small improvements.

The fans are so eager to discover the Freebox V7 that they see it everywhere. However, the Free ads of the day still concern the Freebox V6 aka Revolution. The latter has indeed to see the software of its box Server to upgrade to version 3.5.0, which brings some interesting new features.

First, the performance of the modem in "bridge" mode are improved and now equivalent to those of the "router" mode classic, both IPv4 and IPv6. This means that subscribers with fiber optic Gigabit connections will be able to take advantage of the maximum available throughput without having to perform any particular operations and without being deprived of advanced functions. Second, Wi-Fi identification via the WPS protocol is now possible. This makes it possible to connect a device to the Wi-Fi network without the need to manually enter the security key of its network, and this simply by validating the connection via the screen of the Freebox. Finally, a "guest" mode has been added to allow the temporary sharing of its Wi-Fi connection. A mode that allows up to 128 people to connect simultaneously to the box, and in which the administrator can set various limitations to prevent abuse. It is for example possible to leave open only Web access, which will prevent guests from being able to delve into the contents stored on the hard drive of the Freebox, among others. In this context, the Freebox Assistant application has been updated. It makes it easy to manage guest access and share it with a simple QR Code between smartphones. A restart of the Freebox Server will launch the update to this new version.




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