The first HDR10 + compatible Oled TVs at Philips

The first HDR10 + compatible Oled TVs at Philips

                    Philips has revealed its three new Oled TVs compatible with the HDR10 +. They still ship Android TV, a simplified remote control and Philips Ambilight technology.

The new range of Philips TVs.

Philips unveiled its new range of TVs for 2018, including three new Oled models. The Philips Oled 803 model will gradually replace the excellent Philips Oled 55POS9002 / F from this summer, while the 873 model will simply be its 65-inch version. Finally, the Philips 65OLED973 will be the highest-end model of the manufacturer, incorporating a sound tray for increased audio performance.



The Philips Oled 803 incorporates most of the features of the Philips 55POS9002 / F. It embeds a 55-inch 10-bit Oled panel displaying an Ultra HD definition of 3840 x 2160 px. This TV covers – like the other TV Oled of 2017 – 99% of the DCI-P3 color space. Regarding HDR compatibility, Philips is still missing the Dolby Vision, but now offers compatibility with the HDR10 + – the competitor of Dolby Vision promoted by Samsung and free of rights – in addition to HDR10 and HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) . The Philips TV offers all the refinements of the Oled technology, namely an almost instant response time (less than 1 ms), total viewing angles and a perfect black for infinite contrast.

The sub pixels of the Philips Oled 803.

We took a picture of the sub-pixels and this model embeds well a new Oled 2018 panel, like the new Oled TVs from Panasonic, Sony and LG, seen at CES in early January. This new slab has no impact on the peak brightness that is still around 750 cd / m², but improves the maximum brightness on the entire slab.This TV still has the excellent processor Philips P5 inaugurated by the 55POS9002. For 2018, this processor is also present on all Philips Oled TVs and even on many LCD models of the manufacturer. In our POS9002 test, the P5 did a great job. The Perfect Picture Engine P5 scaling engine is indeed very powerful, as is the new P5 Perfect Natural Motion compensation system. Thanks to this processor, Philips has established itself as a true reference in image processing alongside Panasonic. Sony has improved slightly since the release of its Bravia A1, but remains a step behind, just like LG which we hope a lot of the new processor α9 (Alpha9). The Philips Oled 803 TV still has confidence in Android TV. The latter provides access to an app catalog still impressive and enjoy very interesting features, such as Google Cast. The novelty is the integration of Google Assistant that will be deployed during the year. The English version is scheduled for spring while the French version of Google Assistant for TVs will be deployed this summer (the Philips 55POS9002 will also benefit from this update). In terms of connectivity, there are four HDMI 2.0a inputs, a component input (YUV), two USB ports including a USB 3.0, an Ethernet port, a headphone output, CI + common interface, an optical digital audio output, Wi -Fi, Bluetooth and a TNT tuner, cable and satellite. The Ambilight system on three sides is always in the game, just like the versatile remote control integrating a full keyboard on the back.

The new remote control: the chrome part under the microphone button is tactile and clickable.

The novelty is the presence of a second remote smaller and with simplified access to basic commands. It integrates a microphone and allows to interact vocally with Google Assistant. It also includes a mini touchpad that falls naturally under the thumb, allowing access to all the features of Android TV. The audio system has also been revised with the integration of three woofers on the back of the TV.

A minimalist design with a logo that only appears on the foot.

Finally, the Philips Oled 803 also stands out from the 9002 model with its minimalist design. The logo disappears from the slab and is only present on the left foot. The edge of the screen is very thin and the set is really clean. The Philips Oled 803 will be available in the second quarter of 2018 at a rate still unknown. It should gradually take the place of the Philips 55POS9002F. We can think that it will be launched around € 2,500 to end his life to € 2,000 like the POS9002 currently.

The Philips 65 Oled 873 is simply the 65-inch version of the Philips 55POS9002F. It takes the same design, the same features and the only difference is the presence of the new simplified remote control in addition to the complete remote control. This model is expected to be available in the coming weeks at an undisclosed rate, but it is expected to compete directly with LG's 65C7V, selling for around € 3,500.

The TV Philips 65 Oled 973 is the highest model of the manufacturer for 2018. It operates on the same basis as other TVs Oled Philips, but stands out for its design a little more worked and especially its audio system much more powerful. It incorporates a 60-watt audio system consisting of 6 front speakers, installed in the aluminum foot covered with Kvadrat fabric, and a TripleRing subwoofer located at the back. The foot can rotate behind the TV to allow hanging on the wall. The TV is then shifted about ten centimeters from the wall to allow the Ambilight system to express itself properly.

The Philips Oled 973 hanging on the wall.

The TV Philips 65OLED973 should be available in the coming weeks at a rate still unknown. High end requires, this model should be sold between 4 000 and 5 000 €.

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