[Sondage] Do you still use RSS feeds to inform you?

RSS feeds are not dead, they are still moving. But it is clear that they are much less vigorous than 10 years ago. While information through social networks shows its limits, tell us if you are still using an RSS feed manager. As we saw in our article on Miniflux, the era of social networking has not ended to the use of RSS as some predicted. The tools are in fact rather complementary, with an algorithmic sorting and highlighting of content by third parties in the first case, and a rather chronological display limited to a list of flows in the other.
Both the media and users are also seeing all the worries involved in the dependence on third-party platforms, which control the distribution and highlighting of content. Thus, we wondered if you always use RSS feeds on a daily basis to inform you, and the solution that you preferred.
As always, feel free to detail your opinion in our comments to extend the discussion. Note that you will find all of our RSS feeds on this page.

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