Samsung's growth in 2018? Foldable screens (and Bixby) – Tech

Samsung's growth in 2018? Foldable screens (and Bixby) - Tech

Samsung believes hard as foldable screens. To the point that it makes it one of its future vectors of growth.
        "Samsung will continue its efforts to differentiate its smartphones by adopting advanced technologies, such as foldable OLED screens" can be read in the latest financial statement of Samsung. For the Korean manufacturer, one of the next levers to activate to revolutionize the mobile market and earn money is therefore in the ability to fold his screen. An evolution that could for example turn his smartphone into a tablet by doubling the display area. A sea serpent that dates back many years ago and that we could finally see arriving without warning in the next few months. Because being so transparent, Samsung leaves little room for doubt.

The revolution at the end of the year?
While the Galaxy S9 promises to be a pretty wise evolution of the Galaxy S8 (but should sell well anyway), Samsung would surprise everyone by marketing this year the supposed Galaxy X, an old project that often makes subject of various and varied rumors. For the firm, it would be high time to turn the dream into reality when competition is likely to rage on smartphones foldable screen. Just recently, Oppo has filed a patent going in this direction and other rivals are also very interested in a device offering this benefit.
It remains to be seen how Samsung plans to communicate on a flagship based on such a technological breakthrough. The Galaxy S9 should not suffer as the company sees a rise in sales of high-end products induced a need for renewal on the demand side.
To continue its momentum (the figures recorded in 2017 are excellent for the group), Samsung also intends to rely on the development of its Bixby artificial intelligence and 5G technology.




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