Samsung could release it sooner than expected

samsung galaxy s9

The Galaxy S9 may be released in February 2018. In a document dated January, Samsung announces the release of its next flagship for "next month". The Korean could therefore prepare a nice surprise while we expected instead the Galaxy S9 for the current of March. We hope that this is not a clumsy communication from Samsung and that we can enjoy the smartphone sooner than expected. And if the Galaxy S9 was released in February 2018? In a press release dated January 31, 2018, Samsung announces the release of its next flagship, "to be launched next month." The Korean manufacturer just give us a very big clue about the release date of the Galaxy S9? Difficult to judge if it is a clumsiness of communication or not.
Galaxy S9: a release in February 2018?
Samsung has officially confirmed that the Galaxy S9 will be presented at the MWC 2018 in Barcelona on Sunday 25 February. It is not impossible that the firm of Seoul decides to strike a big blow and that the launch is carried out in stride. On the other hand, one wonders if Samsung was not imprecise in its release and that it wanted to speak about the presentation of its flagship and not of the exit. Another possible interpretation, Samsung saw already in the month of February at the moment to write this ad. And would rather mean that his high-end was expected in March, as was suspected. It should be noted that when the press release was published, it was January 31, 2018 in South Korea, despite the time difference.
So we remain cautious and we hope clarification from Samsung on the subject. For the anecdote, the document, which also mentions a potential Galaxy X for 2018, speaks well of "Galaxy S9", which will be unsurprisingly launched under this name. What do you think of this Samsung statement? Do you see a clumsiness of communication or do you understand that the Galaxy S9 will be available in February?

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