Railway Empire test: management with enthusiasm – Pop culture

Railway Empire test: management with enthusiasm - Pop culture

While the management game is experiencing a renewal unprecedented in this year 2018, Railway Empire plays the card of nostalgia by trying to give a touch of youth to the old recipe that made the success of Railroad Tycoon in the early 1990s. Should we take the train on?
        2018 will be the year of the great return of management games, and the ball begins with the arrival of Railway Empire, a title developed by Gaming Minds, to which we must notably Patrician IV or Grand Ages: Medieval. Like the distant ancestor Railroad Tycoon imagined by Sid Meier, this management game puts us in the shoes of the leader of a railway company. It is up to us to build our stations, to draw our railway lines, to choose our locomotives to transport goods and passengers. A simple recipe that has made the success of many other titles of its kind.
To better mark its identity, Railway Empire has chosen to set its scene in the nineteenth century in the United States. An interesting time, which has the advantage of offering beautiful steam locomotives to observe from all angles, reproductions of some forty models that will certainly crack fans of miniature trains.
If the American landscape and the sound atmosphere that plunges us into the middle of western know how to seduce, it is still a shame to have to be confined to the United States alone and not be able to create our rail network elsewhere, or in more recent times. In addition, despite their correct size, the maps are not numerous and sometimes lack a little variety in their approach to the environment.

Nevertheless, it is clear that Railway Empire offers construction tools that are easy to handle: track layouts are so easy that you really feel like you are the master of the wild environment that is offered to you. we. We can tame the space with earthworks, tunnels or bridges, and we take pleasure in using the subjective camera, as if we were in the locomotive, to look at the forests and the mountains pass by. Without being beautiful, the title of Gaming Minds is still quite pleasant, at least for the atmosphere that emerges.
Obviously, all of this is expensive and you have to think about bailing out the company. In addition to the money generated by transportation, we can also get into the industry and turn resources into consumer goods that will yield more. In addition, by meeting the needs of cities, cities will grow and demand will increase accordingly, increasing our potential revenues. The financial sharks will also be able to go public and buy shares of competing companies, managed by the IA, and why not buy them later to merge.

Nevertheless, if the management of the lines is quite satisfactory, the micromanagement turns out in the end a little too summary: it is indeed indeed sometimes levers, in particular on the price of the tickets. The interface is also a little messy and confusing, scattering icons and information, sometimes preventing us from capturing some crucial details for a business executive.
Also, despite the presence of many different game modes (a fairly short introductory campaign, a lot of scenarios, a free mode and a sandbox mode), the lack of depth of management and the absence of multiplayer mode will certainly slow down the ardor of the fans of the genre.
                    Indicative rating: 3/5
                        Intended primarily for lovers of steam trains that management enthusiasts, Railway Empire lacks a bit of depth, but offers tools very easy to take in hand to create a rail network integrating perfectly into a fairly worked decor. He is certainly not the ideal successor to Railroad Tycoon, missing at times of originality, but remains quite friendly thanks to its atmosphere.
                        Easy handling
                                                                A range of activities
                                                                Beautiful locos
                        Broken interface
                                                                Management too summary
                                                                No multi mode




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