Piracy: Liberty Land managers will be tried early March – Pop culture

Piracy: Liberty Land managers will be tried early March - Pop culture

The Criminal Court of Rennes will give its judgment on the Liberty Land case on March 8th. Four people involved in the direct download site, which had its heyday from 2009 to 2011, are on the dock.
        The judicial future of the directors of the former Liberty Land Direct Download Site (DDL) will be fixed on March 8th. The daily Ouest-France reports indeed that the criminal court of Rennes announced Tuesday, January 30 that will return its verdict in a little over a month. The defendants, four in number, appeared this week in court.
Liberty Land was an important site on the French hacking scene. At the time, 51,000 films, 81,000 episodes of TV series and 25,000 documentaries, as well as animated feature films, comics, etc., were reported by the Association for Combating Audiovisual Piracy (Alpa). cartoons, music and other content framed by copyright.
The site after the first setbacks "Liberty Land was one of the biggest direct download sites in France" reacted the director general of the Alpa, Frédéric Delacroix, in the wake of the operation of the gendarmerie of Rennes. Three directors were arrested in Le Havre, Marseille and Ile-de-France and indicted for infringement by organized gangs and the site was closed at the end of May 2011.
However, the victory proved to be short-lived, as a few days later, the site reappeared with a new team and a new domain name (Liberty-Land.net becoming LibertyLand.tv). In particular, servers located in Canada were retrieved and, over the months, the audience of the new Liberty Land was gradually getting closer to the traffic on the old platform.
"Liberty Land was one of the biggest direct download sites in France"
Ouest-France indicates that sentences of 6 and 12 months of suspended sentence were requested for three of the defendants by the public prosecutor, as well as fines ranging from 4,000 to 10,000. He also called for a ban on directing, administering, managing or controlling a site. As for the fourth, who retired earlier, it is a fine-day sentence that was required.
Liberty Land did not take care of the hosting of the works that the Net surfers shared by ignoring the copyright. The site was content to put a space on which were referenced links to specialized storage services (such as RapidShare, MegaUpload, 1File, UpToBox, Uploaded, TurboBit …).
CC Kevin BoydIt is on this aspect that counsel for two of the four defendants – the two others not being present at the appearance – focused part of his defense: "Is a site who refers to pizzerias in a city is a pizza? He argued. Some would argue that pizzas are not illegal. The transmission of protected files without the agreement of the entitled, by contrast …
And if the lawyer said that his clients "did not expect the media and financial success" of Liberty Land, it seems that they have been able to adapt to it: our colleagues note that an offshore company in the British Virgin Islands was launched by the two lead administrators and a bank account was in Latvia. He would have received between 200,000 and 300,000 euros, revenue generated through advertising.
The verdict that will be delivered in early March will not necessarily mark the end of Liberty Land's court record.
The new site.This is not finished
First, because depending on the judgment of the Criminal Court of Rennes, either party will have the opportunity to appeal, if the penalties are too or not enough lenient. The case, started almost seven years after the arrests, can then leave for a ride. Several more years are therefore likely to pass if it is a question of borrowing all possible legal channels
Then because Liberty Land still exists under a new name. It should be noted in passing that the court of Paris instance ordered this summer to the main French ISPs (Orange, Free, Numericable, Bouygues Telecom and SFR) to block two addresses (Libertyland.tv and LibertyLand.co) pointing to Liberty Land, while that Google has received the order to dereference them.
These two addresses are currently offering a redirection to the new Liberty Land domain name (which also has a new identity). The destination address is not currently affected by the judgment rendered on July 6, 2017, however the magistrates have provided for a "development of the dispute", which opens the possibility of following up and updating the file before the courts. judges.




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