On LG and Samsung's land, Apple opens its first Apple Store

On LG and Samsung's land, Apple opens its first Apple Store


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                    Apple may have already opened 499 Apple Store in the world, the firm had not yet opened one of its shops in South Korea. It's now done, the 500th Apple Store just opened in the upscale neighborhood of Gangnam.

Last weekend, Apple opened in Seoul its first Apple Store in South Korea and even managed to create a queue in front of this shop while the outside temperature was around -15 ° C. This shop – the 500th opened by Apple worldwide – was installed in Garosugil, in the Gangnam district considered the most exclusive in the capital. To manage the store, Apple hired about 140 people speaking 15 languages ​​in total, even repatriating some Korean employees who had previously worked at its other Apple Store. The first customers who were able to shop in this shop were offered a few gifts, including an exclusive t-shirt marking the event.

If this opening is much in the news, it is obviously because we can see a sign of challenge launched by Apple to its South Korean competitors: LG, but also and especially Samsung. But the path that separates Apple from the number one place in this country is still long, LG and Samsung outrageously dominating sales of smartphones. Indeed, even if the launch of iPhone X was considered a real success in South Korea, Apple's market share in this country is only around 20%.

In Gangnam, Paris, Tokyo or New York, nothing looks more like an Apple Store than another Apple Store.

Our colleagues at Les Echos say that the opening of this store should not hide other difficulties faced by Apple in South Korea. The brand must face a class-action in the iPhone case slowed down because of used batteries in the course of which hundreds of people claim about 1500 euros in damages, and while a search was conducted in the South Korean premises of the firm shortly before the release of the iPhone X for an investigation of Apple's business practices.





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