MP calls on government on donations via PayPal, WhatsApp and Telegram – Politics

MP calls on government on donations via PayPal, WhatsApp and Telegram - Politics

A parliamentarian asks the government to make donations to associations open to electronic communications services such as PayPal, Signal, Telegram or WhatsApp. But in fact, this is already partly the case.
        Like the rest of society, the associations have taken the digital turn to stay in touch with their volunteers, mediate their actions and of course propose new ways to donate. Thus, organizations such as the SPA, the French Red Cross or the Restos du Cœur accept payments by credit card, check or via PayPal.
But other payment alternatives must be offered to the population, because of the plurality of solutions that exist to send money, said Julien Dive, a member of the group The Republicans. So he split a written question to Mounir Mahjoubi, the secretary of state in charge of digital to ask him to consider such an extension.
"Donations to associations [via des services de communications électroniques] are not yet open to all means of electronic payment traceable," he said, citing pell-mell the "private courier services such as Signal, Telegram or WhatsApp", " courier services from a social network "and the" means of payment represented by PayPal and transfers by credit card ".
PayPal supports donations. Alternatives that already exist
An assertion it contains to qualify: it is already possible to make donations by PayPal and by means of a credit card for a one-off transfer. PayPal offers a page on the offer that is available to charities, including the fees that apply. Examples of the SPA, the French Red Cross and the Restos du Cœur are the demonstration.
In addition, it is already possible to make donations by SMS, since the law for a digital Republic, promulgated in early October 2016, includes the possibility to make payments by SMS, including associations These provisions have given place in Articles L. 521-3-1 and L. 525-6-1 of the Monetary and Financial Code and details are given by the Government on this solution.
The elected representative of Aisne does not ignore these legislative aspects but he considers that "in fact" donations to charitable organizations are not yet open to all means of electronic payment traceable (exit a priori payments in crypto-currency, even if virtual currencies are sometimes experimented, like Samu Social de Paris, Sea Shepherd or Greenpeace).
The application Signal.According to our findings, it is possible to send a donation via Signal to an association that provides a phone number – this is the case for example Secours Populaire. On the other hand, it was not possible to reproduce the maneuver with WhatsApp, even if a contact is created in the directory. WhatsApp specifies that it is also necessary that the correspondent uses the software for the message to pass.
"These means of payment by electronic means, which require the opening of an account by their user, would ensure the traceability of donations as well as allow the issuance of a tax receipt for a tax reduction", commented Julien Dive. That said, SMS donations require steps and expenses on the side of the organization and not all operators are necessarily managed.
Remember that donations to organizations of general interest or recognized public utility entitle to a tax reduction of 66% of the amounts paid. This reduction reaches 73% if they concern organizations free of charge for people in difficulty, but up to a ceiling of 537 euros – which will concern the majority of French people. Beyond that, the tax reduction drops back to 66%.
The written question has not yet been answered.

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