celebrates 2 million active users celebrates 2 million active users

           confirms its excellent launch, exceeding all the forecasts of its leaders. The service can now look ahead with ambition, targeting other European markets and hoping to finance this development with one or more fundraising.

Launched in July 2016, it took only 9 months to service to claim 1 million active users. This growth continues at a good pace, since in a similar period of time, has just passed the 2 million mark. Founded by Jean-Marc Denoual, Pierre Lescure and Jean-David Blanc, this over-the-top Internet television platform states that 500,000 people use it almost daily (4.1 million users have already connected to it at least 5 times). times), proof that there is a real demand for an Internet television service with a modernized approach. Too bad, Molotov does not communicate any figures concerning its income or the share of users who have subscribed a paid option. Jean-David Blanc (Allociné's co-founder) prefers to concentrate on Molotov's audience and explains that one and a half years after the launch of the service, the figures are much better than those initially targeted at 3 years . However, there is still some way to go to reach the target 100 million subscribers within 5 years.

Soon launched in other European countries?

An ambitious goal that hopes to achieve by expanding internationally, for which the company is currently seeking to raise funds. Jean-David Blanc talks about recovering in one or more rounds of tables "several tens of millions of euros". A development for which Molotov already has in mind a path all traced, with in focus the provision of service in several other European countries. On the other hand, there is no question of turning Molotov into a technical interface sold as a white label to operators. The company has developed many technological tools around the service and intends to use it to make a name as such. Thus, if Molotov says he is open to partnership proposals, especially with telecom operators, it will be a question of allowing the service to develop "and not to transform it into a subcontractor", warns Jean-David Blanc. Past partnerships by with the manufacturers of TV boxes such as Shield TV or Apple TV, as well as the one signed with OCS, obviously play in favor of the adoption of this service by the greatest number. As a reminder, Molotov provides access to DTT channels and other richer bunches by taking advantage of some advanced features such as recording programs in the cloud or early resume being broadcast on certain channels. . It should be noted that is remunerated by levying a commission on subscriptions to optional channel packages and by selling hours of "bookmarks", the name given to the video recorder function.

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