Mobile OS market shares: iOS is moving forward

Mobile OS market shares: iOS is moving forward

                    According to Kantar Worldpanel figures, the last quarter of 2017 saw Apple regain market share against its competitors. The month of December was particularly decisive in this renewed vitality for iOS smartphones and China remains fond of Apple's terminals.

Like every month, Kantar Worldpanel ComTech analysts give us their sales figures for smartphones by OS. Over the period corresponding to the last quarter of 2017, Android remains dominant in the European Big 5 (United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain and Italy) with 74.2% of market share (pdm). An increase of 1.1 point for Android, close to the 0.7 point of increase of iOS, which has 24.8% of pdm over the same period. The two giants progress to the detriment of Windows, which continues its inexorable fall and points to 0.7% of pdm in the 5 major European markets. In France, Android also remains at the top of the ranking in the fourth quarter of the year last. The 75.6% pdm of the Google OS are up 3.4 points. In France, Apple has not experienced a spell as positive as the scale of the Big 5. iOS devices have seen their market share fall by 0.4 point. A decline less important than the 2.5 points lost in the United Kingdom, the least favorable to Apple in the last quarter among the 5 scrutinized by Kantar in Europe.

For several weeks, analysts agree that sales of iPhone X are disappointing. Yet, Kantar points out that the recovery known by Apple would be due to the good results of the last-born apple. The month of December 2017 was particularly good for iPhone X, which placed third in sales in Europe, China, Japan, Australia and the United States. For the latter, Kantar points to the extreme captivity of Apple consumers. 96% of iPhone users who have renewed their smartphone in the last quarter of 2017 have again opted for an iPhone. In China, the figures released seem pretty good for iOS. Apple's mobile system rose 10.1 points to 28.6% lows. A rise equal to the fall suffered by Android in the Middle Kingdom, falling to 71.2% of pdm.

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