Lolistraw, and the straw becomes edible!

Lolistraw paille comestible

To rid the planet of the plastic that pollutes our waters and our lands, all means are good. If the problem of the bags has been taken into account, it remains in particular the straws. Here is Lolistraw, "the first edible, hyper-compostable and degradable straw in the world's water".
This straw like no other is the brainchild of Chelsea Briganti and Leigh Ann Tucker of Loliware. They hope their Lolistraw straw will replace the 500 million plastic straws used in the United States each day.
"From our point of view, for our community to get involved and for the world to be interested in this new innovation, we have to have fun," said Chelsea Briganti, co-founder of Loliware, a company that began manufacturing edible cups with a fruit-based compound, leather-like, in 2015. The straws are made from a new algae-based material that looks like plastic, but to which can be added a scent or nutrients: perfect for add a special experience when drinking a cocktail, for example.
[…] The company plans to target places where plastic straws are used in very large quantities, such as stadiums, fast-food restaurants, bars. One version will be transparent and will look like a plastic straw while others will be colored and flavored.

And you what do you think ? Does edible straw have a place?

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